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  1. yes, they are. thank you for your nice words.
  2. No, from what i know. It was an US company that made this hard coating, method also for real firearms. i will ask the guy and give you a pm.
  3. Danny, the teflon coated no idea how expensive is, i've bought them already finished. The prime lowers are perfect, no modification required.
  4. Back to the topic as i have moved from VFC to Systema:
  5. Project VFC M4A1 "double wing" Not that nice as some rifles here, but here i go. Short wing Long wing Those are old pictures. Will get the latest long wing photo and details soon. Here is the latest short wing* image (got optics) VFC M4A1 base G&P M160 motor AWS Raptor Lipo 2S Tanio Koba twist barrel Prometheus Neo Chamber Firefly rubber and nub Vltor stock M6X flashlight SpecterDR 1-4X
  6. it is a modified VFC M4A1 Quake flash hider.
  7. my upper #1 my baby with upper #1 my upper #2 my baby with upper #2 Since the pictures, the #2 also got troy sights and the #1 got SpecterDR 1X-4X.
  8. get a catapult and throw your G&P 230ft and hit that people. i play as a sniper and i know how is to shot someone at that range... disclaimer: that was a joke to relax the created atmosphere a bit...
  9. Holly...mags. Even thoug my rifle is not that much "magpulised" as other rifles here, i hope the pictures will fit here. I am a dedicated sniper and i've built this rifle especially because i liked the VFC M4A1 Quake so much.
  10. White_rabbit, if it was for me, Thank you!
  11. randominterupt, do you remember where you bought yours?
  12. i have used a dremel for that job and worked flawless.
  13. thank you. can't seem to find one to actually buy
  14. true, but is still too much for me. needed only on high springs setups...
  15. true, but is still too much for me. needed only on high springs setups...
  16. incredible rifles here... please, can someone point me in the right direction where i can buy a magazine holder like the one in this picture?
  17. my opinion is that the stock piston will not be able to hold a powerful spring more than few shots...but i have 2 stock AWS pistons so i might try it. I have received an 150-160m/s spring that might actually work in the stock setup. Also, the rest of the internals (assuming you will put a 2nd sear inside) will hold the power with no problems at all.
  18. @ ahadsz Ok, keep in mind that i speak only for myself . At 154m/s and the mentioned setup, my rifle shoot perfect with SGM.29 and also good enough with Devil Blaster .30. Using Blaster .40 the trajectory is amazing but i loose some range, although the bb's are not so easy stooped by the leaves, small branches, etc, nor the wind affects them so easy. @Md2a You cannot use the pdi springs (130 or 140) with the stock cilinder/piston. If there are other springs that are designed for the stock setup, i am highly curios to know abot them. Meaning they have to be ~11mm exterior, ~9mm i
  19. i am just speaking for AWS. I suppose here are enough specialists in VSR to point you in the right direction.
  20. With the mentioned setup, my rifle was chronoed at 154m/s constant. Part of the incredible air seal of that particular chamber, part of the 6.01 pdi barrel.
  21. Md2A, you will never put the pdi140 in that piston you have stock. It is simply another diameter...
  22. ok then, here is my setup: pdi cilinder set (vc) 4 x pdi spacers pdi 6.01 barrel pdi 140 spring pdi 1st and 2nd sear some "personal work" on the hop-up chamber fitted with a SCS nub also. good luck!
  23. i have a marui clone, Well R7 i think is the one, so if it fited in your mp7 battery place, i suppose will have to fit in mine too. Thank you for your help.
  24. Thank you, i have some micro-deans, as i am a RC passionate as well. Can you tell me the approximate dimensions of that lipo please?
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