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  1. Good seller. Made a mistake, but he's human. Buy with confidence.

  2. doesnt have too much going on, recoil spring and something else plus polished slide. kwa g18c, 2 50rd mags, 2 25 rd mags *suitcasey* lighting and lame camera. tried to make shots interesting : /
  3. what it looked like right before i pulled... well... everything now... coilovers (got em cheap too) 2006 2.5L wrx engine, only 30k miles! had a whole wrecked wrx and completely stripped it. then stripped my car completely and im putting everything into my car except for seats and exterior body parts. (98 impreza RS)
  4. Sweet car milla, very clean, very nice what exhaust do you have on there? is that the cobb tuning one? lol for reference thats what my donor car looked like before the accident in black
  5. lol well kinda. Pretty much everything (besides wheels) on the car that got destroyed i cant use for my car anyways. All the wiring, all drivetrain, the engine, the dash and seats, 3 of the 4 door cards, 3 of the wheels, all the brakes and rotors, struts and springs, sway bars, rear diff, complete exhaust system, everything inside the engine bay is good. (might have missed a couple things but you get the point) pretty much the only things that i cant use on my car (being that mine is a 98 and thats an 06) is the steering wheel (blown open) and the wheels (missing 1)
  6. haha its been awhile since ive been on here, ever since i bought this baby i kinda moved towards being on subaru forums instead plus airsoft is pretty dead around here anyways, here's my ride. Its getting a 2006 wrx engine/complete drivetrain transplant during the next couple months (all done by me and a bud ftw) im actually trading the red flaps for blue or black ones soon, so stay tuned o yea the swap donor (engine and all drivetrain parts are in perfect shape, just cosmetic stuff thats bad and one wheel)
  7. lol its all about rally however, when i get enough money and knowledge, ill be switching to a turbo car, some more speed. maybe then i will actually race carbon fiber also looks hella badass, if i had the money id have a carbon fiber hood (although im not a fan of the lights, i like the OEM clear ones or the blacked out ones like mine (DIY btw)) just look at that car and tell me you wouldnt want to drive it or own it
  8. yea subaru owners i am not going to spend any more money on this car right now, i can barely afford to have it, but o well. right now it has various suspension/handling modifications and a couple of other random mods. i posted it awhile back, but its changed since then. btw, its a 98 2.5rs with a 99-01 front bumper (new exhaust too) snow in ca, north of san fran about 1 hour
  9. ive been trying to change my avatar, but everytime i upload something, it is just the same picture of that lizard. i even had a pic that was smaller and was only 4kb, but that still didnt work
  10. its supposed to be just a little heavier than the sedan model, but id have to say, bugeyes are the best besides the gc models
  11. just reformatted last night, a little plain, background changes all the time though
  12. i traded my phantom aug for it, and hes giving me 50 dollars to mkae up the difference
  13. nnnnnewwww rifle, m14 in pieces, this will do for now
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