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  1. Phubar

    What's your backup?

    +1. First pistol I ever purchased and TBH it is my favorite for scaring the bejesus out of poor opfors in the woods. Silent, accurate and RANGEY!
  2. Chris, is it the usual V2 gearbox lock up issue? Ie: locks on semi, give it a burst of full auto and it clears. Usually this is overspin of the motor, causing a jam with the anti reversal latch.
  3. Phubar

    Magpul PTS PDR-C

    I found this: Is this what you refer to, Baz? If so, the banner depicting the PDR changes upon reloading the screen and is independent of the stock listing on the page.
  4. Phubar

    Magpul PTS PDR-C

    Having seen the internals and the descriptions related to the mechanics of operating this AEG, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I really wanted this to be something spectacular. I guess in a way it is spectacular, just not a positive way.
  5. Phubar

    IMG 0272

    A beautiful bullpup M14. WANT.
  6. Phubar


    Thank you, Hwagan. I'll add a few things on the side though: Green gas and an extended VSR-10 6.04mm diameter barrel hidden inside the silencer. The longer the barrel, the higher the fps for the gas powered firearm (without the need for any modification to the magazine or type of gas used). The values you read on a chronometer vary according to the temperature and atmospheric pressure in which the pistol is used, so there will always be variances to the standard stated by the manufacturer. But this is not the point of the arguement. As Sam mentioned above, it is a NBB (the gas feeds straight through behind the pellet only, no cylinder is fitted inside the slide) therefore there are less moving parts and less of a chance for problems to arise. I check into the theory behind what I plan on doing; there is a large sticky thread within the sniping haven centered upon sniping pistols and I took the knowledge and modified my own pistol to conform to the limits of my site, which are well within the structural integrity limits of the pistol. If something goes wrong I am fully prepared to pay for the repairs personally and not request the retailer do so. My point is not a personal one, which I believe you are under the impression that I am making. Simply, I am pointing out that from a legal point of view the onus is on you, the consumer, to gather the knowledge on how to use your purchase correctly. Firesupport do provide this info in their warranty and that is sufficient for the laws of the land. This forum also contains a wealth of knowledge from people better in the know than I, hence why I consulted it. If you wish to purchase something, not read the instructions in the box or the warnings on the website available prior and post purchase, then the fault lies with you.
  7. Phubar


    Why? They already state as such in the warranty page which is all they, and other retailers, are required by law to do. That's a question to ask the retailer themselves. But IIRC CG are trying to get a monopoly on the market by driving out TM and other competitors. They already have mentioned it. It's in the warranty. What you are asking is for the retailer to test every single pistol type and record their findings. If the retailer does so, they must then mark the product as used as a demo model, therefore lopping off value from the RRP. It also takes up more hours in labour inputting the info into each page, saying the same thing over and over, which is why it is stated in the warranty so it can blanket cover the issue concerning all TM GBB pistols in general, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Taking the hypothetical route as I described really isn't going to help their revenues, especially in today's economic climate, is it? The retailer gets the same info given to them by the manufacturer as the end user receives in the instruction handbook of Marui GBB pistols "Only 134a gas or equivalent to be used". Firesupport have noted this in the warranty which blankets all GBB TM pistols, and as the warranty is posted on their website's frontpage as according to the laws of this country, I can't for the life of me see how you find it hard to locate this. In British contract law, if the information is provided by the retailer in the warranty or on the page describing the product, the customer is the one at fault if they do not read it as it is classed as being their choice whether to do so or not.
  8. Phubar


    Firesupport state you should only use Cybergun SUMMER gas in Marui GBBs on their warranty page. You stated you did, at first. Now you change your story and admit you used "the wrong gas ". Any good legal advisor will tell you that a retailer only needs to put up a link on their website to the terms and conditions of a warranty that is to be given upon sale of a product. Do you really, really want every single product page on every website of every online retailer to state details already mentioned in the warranties they provide? You used the wrong gas. You tried to convince others of wrongdoing by FS, stating you had done as instructed. You then admitted fault. The fact that they provided recommendations and made them readily available to be viewed by everyone means the onus is on you not them and they are well within their rights to say what they have. Your arguement is nearly as flawed as a motorist complaining to the dealership he bought a car from, demanding his money back, for the fact his petrol car won't run on the diesel he just filled it with. Take responsibility and make sure to fish out all the details provided in warranties in future. Fingers crossed it will save other retailers from having their names sullied due to ignorance.

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