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  1. Chris, is it the usual V2 gearbox lock up issue? Ie: locks on semi, give it a burst of full auto and it clears. Usually this is overspin of the motor, causing a jam with the anti reversal latch.
  2. I found this: Is this what you refer to, Baz? If so, the banner depicting the PDR changes upon reloading the screen and is independent of the stock listing on the page.
  3. I came upon this thread when searching for blank firing grenade retailers in the uk. What exactly is the website address of this retailer?
  4. Having seen the internals and the descriptions related to the mechanics of operating this AEG, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I really wanted this to be something spectacular. I guess in a way it is spectacular, just not a positive way.
  5. Phubar

    IMG 0272

    A beautiful bullpup M14. WANT.
  6. At present, if SAS manage to do 10 transactions back to back with all issues encountered being dealt with in an acceptable manner and with good customer relations resulting at the end, I'll quit bacon for life. Some of my friends have been burned by this retailer and I've had to endure the role of counsellor for them. Just, Don't, Risk, It.
  7. Thank you, Hwagan. I'll add a few things on the side though: Green gas and an extended VSR-10 6.04mm diameter barrel hidden inside the silencer. The longer the barrel, the higher the fps for the gas powered firearm (without the need for any modification to the magazine or type of gas used). The values you read on a chronometer vary according to the temperature and atmospheric pressure in which the pistol is used, so there will always be variances to the standard stated by the manufacturer. But this is not the point of the arguement. As Sam mentioned above, it is a NBB (the gas
  8. Why? They already state as such in the warranty page which is all they, and other retailers, are required by law to do. That's a question to ask the retailer themselves. But IIRC CG are trying to get a monopoly on the market by driving out TM and other competitors. They already have mentioned it. It's in the warranty. What you are asking is for the retailer to test every single pistol type and record their findings. If the retailer does so, they must then mark the product as used as a demo model, therefore lopping off value from the RRP. It also takes up more hours in
  9. Firesupport state you should only use Cybergun SUMMER gas in Marui GBBs on their warranty page. You stated you did, at first. Now you change your story and admit you used "the wrong gas ". Any good legal advisor will tell you that a retailer only needs to put up a link on their website to the terms and conditions of a warranty that is to be given upon sale of a product. Do you really, really want every single product page on every website of every online retailer to state details already mentioned in the warranties they provide? You used the wrong gas. You tried to convince others of
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