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  1. Just thought I'd post some pictures from my deans battery mod. First I completely removed the rails from the stock. Unsoldered and removed the rail connector, removed the spring, soldered on the wires which will run through the stock. Post the wires back through the hole in the stock where the rails used to be. Attached deans connector. I'll have to remove the connector again if I want to remove the stock again at some point, but I'm not sure I'll have much need to.
  2. well, they work fine in the rest of my mags, but I'll try some other BBs.
  3. These http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=5047
  4. Has anyone else had magazine feeding problems? Mine won't feed, and if I manually pull the magazine catch back the bbs don't fly out. I took the plastic inner magazine out of the metal casing and loosened the screws a little. After doing this, I was able to manually empty the magazine, but once I put it back together it's as if the outer metal case is squeezing the plastic inner too tightly so the bbs can't actually come out.. Weird, it's just out of the box
  5. Awesome, thanks for all the info
  6. I was also wondering, how easy is it to convert the 416D to deans? I've seen a couple of sites selling adapter gizmos for about £35, but is it easy enough to mod it yourself if you're reasonably handy with a soldering iron?
  7. I've deansed all my guns, but I've never gone to lipos - is a 7.4v lipo ok to replace an 8.4v nimh?
  8. They've got it (out of stock) on airsoftworld for £550 http://www.airsoftworld.net/tokyo-marui-new-gen-hk416d-airsoft-rifle.html
  9. And what if I hit the gym enough that I can comfortably dual-wield rifles? It could happen!
  10. When I told my other half how much the 416d is, she suggested I perhaps sell a few of my chinese clones and buy it given that I "can only use one at any time". Makes sense
  11. Righto, looks like I'm going to be finding an additional couple of hundred notes then! Cheers for the advice chaps =)
  12. Thanks for replying PureSilver, it's great to get info from someone who's fired both. Well that pretty much sways it then. The only other thing that might convince me otherwise is if the top tech was noticeably more accurate or better built. I assume that isn't the case given TMs reputation, but figured I should ask anyway!
  13. Well the top tech does have EBB, but I do care if the TMs blowback is drastically better. Bolt lock, mag size, and trades are all nice too, but blowback and gun quality are the main things.
  14. Hey guys, sorry to barge in on the thread. I really badly want a blowback 416, GBBR is basically out as a) I live in the UK where it's often a bit chilly, and being locked to lowcaps makes it difficult for me to play in non milsim games. So I had more or less decided on the TopTech one, but I've literally just found out about this one. Can anyone offer any insight as to whether it's worth paying the difference to get the TM over the TopTech? Cheers J
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