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  1. It`s a bit annoying. TM obviously has not learned anything from the *suitcasey* lock rings they put on the M4s. Mistake repeated on the 417s. The lock rings on both my 417s have come loose. And that`s before they`ve been taken to a playing field. On a more positive note. The range you get with this thing is insane. M130 spring (around 400fps) and r-hop. The bbs fly as far as my eyes can keep track of them. And we´re talking 0,30s here. I probably will have to change for something even heavier.
  2. Say hello to my little friend. New member of the family. TM HK417 with VFC short rail, VFC flip up front sight, and Angry Gun 7.62 suppressor. No upgrades yet. Will probably run it stock for cqb through the winter.
  3. Found this on the web. it`s in Japanese. Could still be useful to some..... http://gungineer.matrix.jp/airgun/ele/TM/HK417/HK417.htm
  4. That "plastic feeling" with the fire selector is quite common. I`ve seen an ASAP like rear sling mount by Laylax floating about on Amazon Japan. But have yet to see it in any HK store.
  5. Anyone noticed this : http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/new-type-super-core-piston-for-aeg-p-8894.html?cPath=1_218_231 Any good?
  6. Which after market parts are we likely to get for this gun?. So far I`ve noticed the front receiver pin and an ASAP like rear sling mount. Both from Laylax. The H&K rear sling mount and an enhanced lock ring for the buffer tube would be nice. Would also love to have the 20" barrel. The one from VFC is always "out of stock". Laylax, are you reading?
  7. Sounds very good! Which bb weight were you using?
  8. I know there were some issues with the extensions on the L119 barrels. Have no knowledge about the other barrels.
  9. Thank you Krawata! That`s more or less the route I intend to take. But I`ve decided to r-hop it and install an Orga Magnus barrel. So my guess is that I`ll need the up and coming Eagle6 M130 spring to reach 450 fps. Have you fired it? How is range and accuracy?
  10. Very tempted to put Orga Magnus 433 mm barrel and cylinder in there.
  11. Redwolf has done a review of the 417. Nothing new really. But they confirm that the 417 has a heavier recoil unit than the M4. Anyone opened up their 417s?
  12. That`s reasons good enough. But but if you choose the 20", you`ll need a new inner barrel I think. Just like on the recce, the stock inner barrel ends by the gas block. So already the inner barrel is about 10 cm too short for the 16". Ad another 10 cm for the 20" barrel, and there might be a problem. Maybe boost the fps a little by installing a bit longer 6.02 inner barrel?
  13. Get the 20" extension from VFC and you`re sorted. And there is more good news for those wishing to build a recoil dmr. Richard from Eagle6 mentioned on Facebook that he probably will be running a test batch of Eagle6 M130 and M140 springs. These springs will hopefully get the fps quite close to 450. Hopefully they won`t do too much damage to the gear box. But Richard usually knows what he is doing. My guess is that the M130 will give you about 410-430 fps, and the M140 will give you 430-450.
  14. Hopefully he does. Will work well for his brit, yank and norgie load outs. Placed an order with Eagle6. Battery adapter inbound, so no need for me to have the gun rewired. Happy days!
  15. But you do need one. A 20" HK417 is just what you need for your Norwegian kit. Hopefully a BTC new v.2 mosfet will fit in this gun as well.
  16. Echigoya delivered again. My TM 417 has arrived. I´m sorry, but atm I`m not able to fire it since I haven`t got any recoil batteries. My intension is to keep it rear wired, but with a deans plug. As with most TM recoils, the battery compartment is in the stock. I have previously owned a VFC 417. So I`ll make a few comparisons. Just like the VFC, the gun feels rock solid. There is no stock or rail wobble. Though I find the angle of the pistol grip to be slightly awkward compared to the VFC. But it`s probably just a question of getting used to it. The gun comes with standard iron sights. Un
  17. Sounds like bs. Read through this topic. I think the 6 shot issue is pretty well covered.
  18. Looks like the wood kit is here: http://laylax.wn.shopserve.jp/SHOP/4571443131089.html
  19. I guess some people have been waiting for this: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tonic-airsoft-reinforced-gas-tank-for-marui-m870-tactical-shotgun.html#.VEZpWr7D1oQ
  20. Any idea if the spectre will fitt inside the up and coming Marui 417 gear box?
  21. It`s here! The G&P flashlight/handguard: http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/gp-tactical-led-forearm-for-marui-m870-tactical-p-11118.html?zenid=sba87q2q9re0hp8l0jc5id2be0&cPath=1_20
  22. The BTC Spectre fet has arrived. That was pretty quick. Now I`ll just have to find a tech with a little spare time on his hands.
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