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  1. The HOLY GRAIL of airsoft The mighty Asahi M40.

    The rarest airsoft gun... There are less than 24 guns in existence!



    What's the accuracy like using those Blade projectiles?


    I remember them being discussed on here in a ammo development idea thread but I can find it now :no:

  2. My uncle - now retired from the fire service - often said the best thing for cars to do was just keep doing what they were doing and let the emergency vehicle go around them. Emergency vehicles are driven by highly trained professionals, they know how to get past you safely as long as you're not being stupid.


    I've seen on loads of occasions where there isn't enough space for the emergency vehicles to pass unless people mount the curb on both sides of the road! :busted_blue:


    I'm prone to do the same sometimes, purely as a practical exercise. Mainly for my safety though, so is that paranoid? I do it with places I visit too, such as the zoo yesterday. However if a bunch of nutters started massacring the chavs there I would have probably given it a good half hour before I called it in...


    Are we sensible, think of scenarios and how to circumvent responses such as the above example from hedge? Or are we crazy paranoid gun-nuts?


    "We" all aren't crazy paranoid gun nuts but you are sounding like one! lol


    Well, I was paid by Her Majesty's Armed Forces for the above exercise, so it was all official and above board.

    Just because you're paid to do it doesn't make it above board!



    not a day goes by that I don't fantasize  about taking down a gunman, removing the magazine and making the gun safe. Later a press conference which in my head goes exactly like this:


    You sound like you'd be right at home with shmook on a ward of the DOP! lol Every day!! Twice a week maybe! lol



    No one likes a grass Stunt, not even the police!

    The police love Grasses they wouldn't make any arrests without them now!

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    Why put yourself in a box?  We are all human.


    As son a more people realise this there will be a lot less conflict in the world! We are all brothers and sisters after all :0)






    Unfortunately this is still rife!



     divide and rule (or conquer)

    phrase of divide
    1. 1.
      the policy of maintaining control over one's subordinates or opponents by encouraging dissent between them, thereby preventing them from uniting in opposition.
      "the politics of divide and rule in society"
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