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  1. Gunmane

    Glock Picture Thread

    If it lets me have an excuse for a sidearm, I'll take one.
  2. Gunmane

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    This finally arrived from a new shop here stateside that deals primarily in NPO stuff, Rush B Airsoft. LCT's new drum mag. Fits the LCT RPK fine naturally, but the rear latch is far too large to fit either my old dboys models or my cyma 40 series ak104/5. Bit of a bummer on the latter as that would be "party mode" at the local fields for when every kiddo is running around with drum mag arp-9s. It feels much more solid than others I've seen before, very shiny too. Also new mattress supporting the weight of it all but eh.
  3. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui Festival 2020 new products

    I just have to wonder what sort of internals it going to be for a nbb. Have they cooked up something that will make these pocket pistols outshoot full size gbb models via Marui Magic or is it just going to be the mk23 system made smaller. I expect RC to come up with outfit gear designs for them including a overcoat that holds at least 7 of them somehow.
  4. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Honestly, besides not being able to go play and being less inclined to get fast food, nothing really has changed all that much (which is either laughable or so sad you wish someone would put me out of existence already). Job certainly more stressful since the powers that be decided to pull me off the line as a tender and make me hand pour things with practically no training (and this covid business has made them all go made with facemasks and faceshields and too many things that make my forehead sweat), but still just putting along, though I am reluctant to do overtime during this whole crisis as frankly I cannot be arsed to stay longer. I am finding it hard to enjoy console gaming much at all, nothing seems to spark a long session or anything, and I am worryingly spending more time browsing social media posts. Haven't done any tech work or anything like everyone else seems to be doing seeing as the golf course bordering the yard is open and flooded with people and neighbors are out all day in their yards. I have devolved back into thinking about how I just want to die more often, but I contribute that more to my madness sparking off than this mess of a year, and constant reminders of how no matter how much I work my lot in life is not going to improve.
  5. Gunmane

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Been making a point to not buy anything during this mess because I already have too much as it is and didn't want to hamper an already swamped shipping industry. Caved on this because local seller and he needed the money. ANA suit in Border Guard pattern. First suit I have that has velcro on it, and surprisingly fits well. Coloration threw me off as it is more of a subdued Green than yellow, which makes me think more of a digitalized Blumentarn or Surpat. About the only positive thing this year so far.
  6. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui Festival 2020 new products

    Someday maybe Marui Man will grant us a makarov or stechkin, probably when the sun runs out of fuel. Will be interesting to see if Marui will continue using whatever magic they apparently have in the FNX for any new models.
  7. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS

    I assume it just being that anyone who bothers to import TM just sets silly prices because it too much a hassle to import on the regular (and because most folks here don't bother with TM aegs anymore save for the recoil shocks that are not ak models). Mach Sakai video up already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PHHlu6pPkQ
  8. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS

    Yet the Evike preorder price is 750 for some ungodly reason.
  9. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui AK Storm NGRS

    Had this been a 5.45 platform model, or they went and did their own take on a pcc ak model, I would be more intrigued (or even a 9x39 fictional design). As one person said it best "When will they stop using ak47 basis?" I would say abomination but then again I keep harboring a desire to make a khyber pass triangle folding stock akm for *suitcases* and giggles (broke an old pot metal receiver rear end in the process of trying to mate a steel Dboys akms front end to it), so all power to them.
  10. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Whelp, I am already nearing boredom and I got 2 more weeks of it due to company I work for deciding to close down on their own for 2 weeks (we fell in the "essential but also not" grey line area and bosses afraid of mass infection of a certain Beer Virus). I managed to damage an old dboys 74m receiver trying to do a khyber pass ak build (tried to mate a steel dboys akms front end to it and then change the stock to a triangle folding), so I had to transfer all the guts and front end to my old full stock ak74 set, with many hours frustration in finding I couldn't really wire it to the stock to run the 11.1v batteries I did have. Broke all my spare rear sight leafs in the process as well so I am waiting on a real deal one to hopefully not break. Don't even know if it shoots alright because it been raining constantly. Going to try and work out each day and play videogames in the meantime (animal crossing atm mostly), as I just don't want to really mess with my replicas much anymore (besides the aforementioned case). Tis a sad state of the world when one rather be at work than having time to themselves.
  11. Gunmane

    LCT AK12

    Yeah, they've been the highlight at MOA and other shows late last year and this year (before all the cancellations). The RPK-16 replica is the short barrel "assault" version (who knows if anyone will bother with the full length version). LCT also been highlighting their 2020 gearbox update which for the most part is just qsc shell ignoring the ebb system (which they seem to be selling the qsc shells with first), alongside their zenitco replica parts. Having still so much bad luck with my older rpk nv model, I'm not inclined for the modern adaptation till someone delivers one that performs better.
  12. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    My package of bits arrived today, 3 sets of GATE duel signal wires, 3 BlueBox AK midcaps, and the damn sector delay chip I needed for my LCT RPK (my dumbass forgot to put one onto the shs gears I put into it). I managed to get the delayer in and everything back together, tested it with one of those midcaps, and it *fruitcage* works finally! Probably has *suitcase* air consistency now from so many times trying to get it fixed, and I am sure it still gets outperformed by the kiddos with their krytacs, but as a 40k Ork would say: "It's *fruitcage* DAKKA ya Git!" Tomorrow I get the Bizon rewired for a Gate Nanoasr setup like most of my collection is now (probably hold off on the ak104/5 because its inline mosfet wiring is not complete *suitcase* layout wise). Wish I had gotten those Silverback pouches for it when they came out years ago since they were discontinued and the only shop I know of that has some still supposedly is a shop in Canada that is domestic mostly and would cost a cyma to acquire them. Thinking of maybe water bottle pouches on a molle chest rig but not sure what kind doesn't look silly and would hold them tightly. "Mutters like an Ork for the rest of the night"
  13. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    If you elect to get one, the little "handyman" vice stands with the alligator clip hands tend to help out immensely, at least for me. I will be the first to say I am not that good at soldering myself, but with time I've become confident enough to be able to do it regularly. I will also say a side effect of learning to do it is that now you will want to rewire all the things (such as me planning on rewiring my bizon tommorow for GATE NANOASR mosfet instead of its current inline mosfet system that taking up too much space).
  14. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    See, I wish I could have Stunt's view imparted on my folks, as I keep telling them they don't need cable to watch what they want, but they too set in their ways.
  15. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    As much as I would be fine with just having the window up permanently, the folks think otherwise so it is off at some friend of my father who lives deep in the countryside to take a shot at it. Why it could not happen in the summertime instead of now only Murphy knows. Physical pain wise, having to pull multiple pallets today after my legs already shot from yesterday makes me a more sore lad.

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