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  1. Bit of a longshot, but does anyone have any info about this custom AK-9 model done years ago?  th_ak9_03.jpg  The group that did it either has no facebook page that is public (not requiring a log in) or is just gone completely.  I theorize they either took a 100 series receiver or possible one of those 74u ones that came with a full folding stock and fabricated the pistol grip, mag, and possibly front sight/barrel threads.  The lower hand guard must be the lct one produced as "AK-9 style).  Not going to lie, I kinda like it more than the VSS/VAL style of 9x39.

    1. Arnie


      short of the pages on Public Enemy (http://www.publicenemy.com.hk/?p=5806&lang=en) I can't find out much more. PE seemd to be stringly linked to them and posted all their kit for sale as far as I can see.

    2. Gunmane


      Thank you for your effort Arnie.  I tried searching through that site's youtube page hoping that maybe they showed it off at one point but no dice.  A few folks over on Red Alliance supposedly made their own years ago as well, but all the pictures are gone for the most part.

      Just one of those things you get curious about and wonder why companies like LCT (who had a prototype one) ignored it.

      Of course, I'd quickly ignore it if a SG542 got made somehow, but that is an even more far fetched dream.


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