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    Marui Festival 2019

    Well, they have more experience with them than the 5.45 models, seeing as the only one they ever made was the ebbr series and it was a flop sales wise for them. Honestly, after Cyma, LCT, ghk (with lct body), and E&L released their 74m, has there really been any other company to bother making one without it being some weird mishmash of parts? I don't see them struggling inside Japan, because whilst ghk models have owners there, the amount of promotional weight TM has alongside aftermarket base there will see it through. Outside though it depends on what it ends up being system wise. I wouldn't be surprised if someone buys one just to gut said system for a steel body if it performs well enough stock, but then again, nothing really does.
  2. Gunmane

    Marui Festival 2019

    Saw this elsewhere, and the reactions among the group were mixed regarding the akm, mostly negative. Apparently it is going to be mostly zinc cast, for a GBBR? I shudder to think whether or not they will still use the screws in the magwell to secure the receiver as well. I assume the reason they chose akm model instead of type 3 ak47 is simply to not confuse their audience with those buying the aeg version they had released. Then again perhaps they figure they had to move forward a bit for something like this, much like with the mws platform. Not going to be of interest to me, much like most ak developments lately sadly.
  3. So my friends, I've come across another snag in my journey to try and restore this accursed LCT RPK of mine. Today the lonex hop up chamber arrived from airsoft gi, and I got set to work getting it together with the stock barrel and modify flat hop set up that I had previously in it. Got the barrel in, got the front end back on, seated it all, put the magwell spacer back in, and went to test magazines to see if they would fit. I saw that the hopup unit and gearbox were tilting up whenever a cyma rpk midcap, lct magazine, cyma/MAG/rando 74 style mag, etc. was locked in (with some not being able to lock in randomly at times as I kept redoing everything). I thought maybe the magwell spacer was causing it, so took that out, tried again. Same thing. Thought maybe the front portion is tilted off somehow but nope, straight (at least as it could be) and solid. Now, the lonex hop up unit should not be to blame, as it is the same length bb feed nozzle wise as the lct or any other chambers I have laying about (I measured everything). The height the magazines are pushing it up to will bring the gearbox out of alignment with it, and if I move the gearbox up it doesn't seat right and the internal selector spacer will not line up with hole for the external bits to go together with it. Checked a few of my other replicas and they either have none or very little movement at all. As of this moment, I have it somewhat stable enough to where two of the cyma 45rounder style midcaps fit, one with no visible movement and one with slight, two don't fit at all including the one that just arrived with the hop-up unit (yet it will seat in my cyma ak104/5 whilst the older other one won't) and I suspect maybe it is just my bad luck with magazines that are improperly made and won't fit anything right (and it doesn't seem to be a case of the front lug or rear one being too large, they are all the same size (some of the fronts metal lugs taken off and compared). Right miffed if that is the case.
  4. Gunmane

    Videos Thread !

    Not going to lie, when I heard the music start up, I thought it was a C&R Arsenal shooting segment for a moment. Great Job!
  5. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    So, my injured dog is likely not getting any better, and to top it off he somehow got worms from freaking neighbor cats pooping in our yards earlier this year, and the other dog has been infested with cat fleas. Trying to get everything killed and under control but frankly I think the cat owners should be fined for letting their cats run about without being treated. Never have our dogs ever had infestations before, not in 11 years. Side pain still not fully gone, doc last week said my rib cage moved out of order and my nerve clusters that run from spine to front of ribs got pinched. As the doc is a DO he tried to adjust everything back but I doubt it did enough to fix the issue. To top it all off I've agreed to go get 1k for my mother to help cover bills because my *albartroth* of a father does not realize how bad we are financially in and insists on not getting rid of things like the *fruitcage* timeshare he never uses, yet berates my mother if she buys something he asked her to get or anything for herself at all.
  6. Gunmane

    SRC Maverick GBB pistol

    If they not going to give us Rusfor folks some better options, at least give me a StA-18 pistol if you going to go fantasy.
  7. Gunmane

    LCT RPK Screw Matter of Frustration

    No, not something I could source. Already got the screw out thanks to my contact, and surprisingly the assembly holds fine with just one screw, but I will have to see about getting better replacement ones. Now the rewiring I did, that is another story.
  8. So, figured I'd finally show what the main issue is that is plaguing me from enjoying my LCT RPK Replica. Years ago when I got it, I left it stock and whatnot. When I first decided I wanted to upgrade it internally and rewire, I found out that one of the two allen key screws under the sight was stripped to the point of complete destruction straight from factory. Being unable to disassemble it properly, I had to do stupid damaging things to get the gearbox out whenever I wanted to take a look at it. You can see the raised screw that is serviceable, whilst the other one is pretty much fubared, no glue to an allen key (metric naturally) worked, no drill bit meant for steel on either a cabled drill or (as of todays attempts, my dremel) has been able to drill it out, and it is a nightmare to get a bit to it because the only access point is from the top as seen in second photo. At this point all I want to do is destroy the screw completely, don't care if I end up only having one retention point. Don't have access to a machinery shop or anything, and my attempts with an oversized bit a few minutes ago produced a lot of heat and sparks, along with wear on the bit, just trying to punch through the hole in the top. I swear to Tink whoever designed this system at LCT should be flung out of the highest office window they have. It is absolutely asinine. I almost want to let it rot in a box somewhere and get the 74 version I spied in a private sale elsewhere, but then I think about how it screws could also be facked up if I wanted to mosfet/upgrade it as well. Sorry if this seems like a waste of a topic, just wanted to vent.
  9. Mate showed this to me, and I immediately thought of you RC. 


    1. renegadecow


      Can't say I haven't thought of it though if I did I'd probably try it with a VZ61 drum just to keep things to scale.

  10. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Oh no, the glock was for me. Mother's response was just to threaten to have me locked up. Goes to show how facked the world is when parents rather imprison their child then let their social status/life/etc. get called into question because their child wants to die. I gave up on following through a decade ago though, so in the end nothing matters. Locked up into a life that isn't a life at all, no changing my mind, no leaving to see the world (as all I see is a world of *suitcase* naturally), just existing. Folks are going to try the steroid medication treatment again for the dog, which means I will likely be using up all my PTO to take every Thursday off to just sit here at home and watch over him.
  11. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    As an addendum to previous post, besides my health not improving, one of my dogs, Winston, has lost control over both his rear legs. He likely hurt his spinal cord again, and I suspect the vet will tell my mother there is nothing to be done this time. Seeing her break down last night holding him in her arms made me waver a bit to my old self and I about reached for one of my old man's glocks to sort out this *suitcase* existence sooner. Just tired of all of it, what should have been a fun weekend last week and another one this past week has turned into absolute misery.
  12. Gunmane


    Only recently have I actually heard of/read up on this "carbine" version of the venerable G3, and I just had to go looking for any airsoft attempts on one. Reading old archives led me to a few folks building their own using mixture of CA, G&G, TM, etc. parts, chiefly a CA33 front handgaurd section for the appropriate length. Got me thinking, "why has no company making g3 models flat out made one?" Considering CA made their "SAR M41" models with mp5 handguards, surely they might have conceived of doing it? I'd like to think LCT could come out of the blue with one, but I won't hold my breath. I'd like to hear the thoughts of folks here on whether this is something attractive to folks that already own g3 platforms. I myself don't (mainly because I'm used to to version 3 gearboxes), but it appeals to me on some level. Image shown is a conversion of a real g3 clone into a "K" facsimile.
  13. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    I managed on Sunday's game day to either strain/tear muscles near my left side rib cage, or somehow I am still walking about with a fractured rib, won't know really because going to a doctor is a bit of a hurdle atm. Painkillers and muscle relaxers have no effect, and I can't exactly stay still for a month to heal. Sucks because I was looking forward to going to a distant field's last game for the year this upcoming Saturday and playing alongside the game host from last weekend for once (he joined last game Sunday and took me out with a trishot, which was amusing).
  14. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Not much happiness lately eh? Twas a fun day out at the local field. The bizon (which i said fack it and threw the 12:1 gears into) ran good, at least, the event hosts liked how it sounded on just a 7.4v lipo (the hop up on the other hand was finicky as usual and the mags likewise). Couldn't clear buildings with it because somehow I made the compression too good with a swapped full cylinder and went 360fps range on a m95 spring (oops) so I mostly played brushwookie in my Partizan M suit's autumn side. Sadly one guy wanted to ruin my fun by lighting me up in my back well within his MED (had another guy do the same to my face mask side region later on after I had already called hit, raised my hand, and was in the process of getting up from my spot on a small mound, could tell he was just being an *albartroth*). Main kalash also performed well, but the ak104/5 I think needs a rework again, maybe ignore trying to be under 350 fps goal and just throw a stronger spring in it again. Maybe needs a 12:1 gearset as well, they just seem to make everything sound better, except for my wallet. Managed to resell the 11.1v I just got that would not work for me (too large for dustcovers) to one of the event hosts who sorely needed some, I'm fine on my 7.4v still in the end. One of the guys plans to go to the game across the state next weekend and I am going to see if I can get out there too (last rec game for said field for the year). Might even get together with their team for one of those weekend big games in a neighboring state next year. Got the rpk back, and it indeed can now be taken apart completely now, and the one grub allen screw seems to still be able to hold it together well. Going to get a longer screw for that spot and see about finding something to fit the "reamed out" one, though unlikely. Going to take a look at the gearbox and see how it is holding up chrono wise, and then see about getting another mosfet set to rewire it to the stock again, or if I'm mad enough try to splice the current wiring to where I can run the t plug end of it all back to the stock.
  15. Quick question to those of you with ye old cyma bizons, what length air nozzle do you end up using with one?  I have a shs long one atm for it, but I figure maybe the shorter one might be better, as for some reason it was not feeding well/compression was off at my last local game.  I'm awaiting new gears before I finish trying to rebuild it. 


    Also odd tip for those of you who buy shs nylon piston heads and find the orings not doing well for compression tests: since #14 ones from the hardware store seem to not alter much due to how deep the channel is, I just tried wrapping a bit of teflon tape around the channel a bit and put the original oring on and seems to be duing the trick.  Probably actually making it worse due to being too much but I'll probably end up taking it apart again in the future.

  16. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Game host guy managed to bore out the damn screw on the rpk, so hopefully when I get back out to play on the 27th it will be all set to actually be able to take apart and fix. Decided that since the rpk 45 rd style hicap I bought earlier this year would not feed right I'd learn to take one apart. Did not manage to fix it (pretty sure it is either missing a piece or just cast wrong) but realized that I could take the 74 style hicap that doesn't feed and replace its guts with a midcap that had a broken front lip, and it worked out. Wish I had a spare rpk 45rd midcap guts to put in the hicap's shell, but alas I do not, nor any 30rd style ones to half *albatross* it. Also fitted a lct ultimak top rail to my cyma ak104/5. Not a perfect fit but it will do, even though I don't really have a good optic for it (just threw on a decade old ncstar red dot I had in a box). So progress I guess. Waiting on some shs delay chips to see if adding one to my bizon's gearbox will solve its feeding/compression issue or if I will have to redo the compression set, then might have to check on the ak105. The RPK is the main challenge due to needing to either find another plastic hop up unit (since the one in it is warped for the bb feed tube portion) or buying another lonex one, see if I can solder back on the lengths of wire needed to make it rear wired again (probably not because the nukefet trigger wire so thing and wiring will be worse with having to make splits), and finally looking at the gearbox again. Can't find a stateside shop with nukefet kits available to just redo it all again, and clandestine doesn't have any mosfets instock. rip my wallet
  17. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Had a great day of airsoft soured by losing my car keys and a mag. Was fubared because it was the only known set of keys for the car but somehow my folks brought along a set that works, but I'll need another set made. Lost my free Wendy's mini frosty charm though.
  18. Gunmane

    LCT RPK Screw Matter of Frustration

    I ended up handing it over to one of the event hosts from today's rec game to take a crack at it and gave him permission to do "whatever" is necessary. Hopefully by next game on the 27th I'll have it back to redo everything (found out today the plastic hop up unit bb funnel is warped when it would not feed at all). Sorry Tink.
  19. Gunmane

    Cyma SR25's and pimped out M4's

    Be interesting to see if they do the same to their ak line.
  20. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui at 59th All Japan Hobby Show 2019

    Too much pixie dust during R&D (I say that knowing full well I converted my RPK wiring to take lipo sticks under the receiver cover due to how fragile the wiring was to the rear).
  21. Gunmane

    Tokyo Marui at 59th All Japan Hobby Show 2019

    Marui man looked a bit off for the m249 vid. Must be thinking "who da fack is going to buy this." Rather have TM come up with a QSC gearbox design that changes the market for all gearbox types or somehow makes internals more durable, but alas that is a pipe dream.
  22. Anyone know what his happening with the Red Alliance forums?  Haven't been able to get on there for some time, seems the site is down.

    1. Skarclaw


      I was on it about 2 weeks ago so fingers crossed its not down for too long.

    2. Gunmane


      I saw an update from one of the mods that they were addressing it, but at the moment it just pops up a box asking for username/password with "suspended/restricted" in the tab window.  I naturally decline to try my info.

    3. Gunmane


      Rejoice, the forums are back!

  23. Gunmane

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Whelp, part 2 arrived and I can't edit the previous post, sorry Tink. Old Gen Smersh of unknown year, possibly Oxford material era. Missing the buttpack which apparently was the only thing the seller tore whilst using it. Probably will never find a proper matching one for it or other pouches, but excited to try it out. Sadly bizon mags too loose in it.
  24. Gunmane

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Part 1 of 2 care packages sent to myself courtesy of depression and reddit sales. Oddly enough this arrived first before the other package which went out first. Will either update post or risk the almighty Tink wrath for a double post when the other one shows up. Ana current gen noch91m suit in blue kamysh, size 52-4 that is one above what my size nominally is, so a bit big but also isn't tight on the gut. BARS Gorka Patrol Cap (seller had a BARS type 4 gorka for sell but didn't feel like I needed another gorka atm) that fits my melon of a head perfectly. SPOSN current gen MDL style Panama in SS-Leto that is same size as my Spring variant one (so snug somewhat). For $60.50 shipped not a bad deal even if it all used and to quote mother "smells like mold."
  25. That feeling when you keep throwing money at reddit sales for random Russian gear just to fill the emptiness for a brief moment.


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