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  1. Razorship

    KJW M4

    I'm thinking about selling mine off. I've only got 5 mags, and I like the gun but I'm not a big fan of the gas rifles. http://community.tradersairsoft.com/showthread.php?tid=2935&pid=19506#pid19506
  2. Razorship

    KJW M4

    @dotty I had no trouble mounting a variety of hand guards on to the KJW. I installed a m16 length front end and with the triangular cap for the hand guards, m16a2 and m16a1 hand guards fit perfectly as well as the heat shield for my m203. @ t_hum The upgrades are preforming magnificently, the only concern I have is that with the velocity reducer and a tightbore it's shooting 365 with a .25 which is over the limit so I have to experiment with one of the spacers to get it perfect. For any who saw the picture Bleumaglite posted, I'm trying to convert a KJW m4 into a GBBR M16A1. I installed the front end and flash hider no problem, I have a m16a1 pistol grip on the way, and a RS full stock. I tried modding an AEG full stock, DO NOT ATTEMPT. You'll just butcher a perfectly good stock with no hope of ever mounting it solidly. The initial assessment and the reason why everyone has been having so much trouble with the RS stocks is the buffer tube thread incompatibility. I'm proposing to leave the original buffer tube on the rifle. I plan on taking the end cap off the tube and drilling a hole in the center for a bolt. There's about 4 cm of clearance between the end cap and the farthest back the bolt can go, so I intend to put a nut and washer and get a matching bolt to replace the upper mounting screw for the RS stock. I'll post pictures in a few days when they arrive in the mail and I get them installed, in the mean time any thoughts on my proposed modification? PS: as of yet I have no plans to replace the upper receiver as I'd need a fixed carry handle upper to make a perfect m16a1, but I will experiment later.

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