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  1. I'm in contact with him now about it. I honestly hate posting up negative stuff, but I was pretty frustrated. It's being sorted now though so that's the main thing.
  2. Update, I now have the blowback unit with me. The problem is that I've tried to fit it to a TM MEU and an Army 1911 and none of the screw holes line up. I'll have to speak to Kim at Volante and find out what I can do with it. So overall the experience really hasn't been that great. Which is a great shame as I was really excited to try this out.
  3. I had a reply this morning with a tracking number and saying that it should be with me this week. I can see the parcel was posted on the 4th of Feb so it's just slow postage holding it up now. I've got no issue with people being busy or whatever and I know it's a small company, it just would have been nice to have the communication. For all I knew nothing had been done/posted so I felt a left in the dark and had no idea that it had actually been dispatched. At least I know it's on its way so everything will be fine.
  4. Here's my pretty terrible review for Volante Airsoft. So I ordered a Stratos BBU for my 1911 directly for Volante Airsoft's website. The order was made on the 14th of January and weirdly there was no kind of communication whatsoever. No email to say my order has been confirmed/shipped etc, just zero communication. I gave it a while, I know things can take time and I was in no rush. Come the 31st of January I'd still had nothing and deceided to ping a message to them on Facebook. After 3 days I got a response saying that the address they had for me was different to the address on my paypal
  5. I was skeptical about this, but after seeing what GHK have done internally I'm very interested now. It would have been nice if it wasn't a Glock, but we can't have it all. If they use this system for a 1911 then I'm in!
  6. Always one of my go to overseas retailers. Never had an issue with them.
  7. That's a shame to hear about the broken mag and things. However Samoon have outstanding customer service so I would hope they'd be able to sort you out with this.
  8. I do it the poor mans way, cleaning rod in a dremel!
  9. From my experience, improved accuracy. I polished the inside of the barrel on my old G&G Scar, after that it was much more accurate. Pegged a guys middle finger as he stuck it over a barricade to tell me to give up shooting at him. It's pretty easy to do, but as said it's a bit of a bum time wise. I wasn't aware you could buy kits for it. I used T cut for the initial polishing and some Autoglym car wax stuff (I can't even remember what the hell it was!) for finishing it.
  10. Someone buy my GBB Tavor!

    1. hitmanNo2


      Do you accept goats? I can offer three, no more.

    2. renegadecow


      Three goats?!? Why, that's enough to buy a wife in some places, and not a very homely one at that.

    3. Wild_XIII


      I'm not sure I need goats... or a wife.

  11. I hate you all. Stupid having to pay off debts and stuff before buying another gun.
  12. I remember many years ago seeing one in my local gun shop back when I was into airguns. It was kind of out of place as it was on the same rack as all the rather fancy side by sides.
  13. I got my CYMA M870 through from Gunfire yesterday. Open the box, rip off the plastic cover and BAM! There's a crack in the receiver! No biggy I thought, I can probably live with that even though that's pretty shoddy. Then I loaded it, cocked it and... nothing fired. The bit of plastic that stops BB's going into the chamber is broken and won't let any BBs into the chamber. Now to go through the rigmarole of getting it back to Gunfire.
  14. Got mine from Ehobby Asia. Redwolf have some in stock too. I would've got one of the MK23's from there if I knew, but damn the M9 I have is just awesome!
  15. So I took delivery of some TM springers that myself and some friends bought for the lulz. How do TM do it? I mean, when you think of springers it tends to be they go about 15 meters if you're lucky and they're built out of melted cheddar and held together with dreams and childrens tears. Not TM! TM's springers have a similar quality to their GBB's construction wise and they launch a .25 the same range as a god damned AEG! In fact, the M9 I bought for myself (with an extra mag of course!) OUTRANGED a brand new TM recoil G36c which I shot beside it. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir
  16. Give a man a label maker and the next thing you know is that everything suddenly has a name. At the paintball site I used to marshal at (quiet you lot!), the manager had a serious hard on for labeling everything. I'm surprised each paintball wasn't labeled with the way he ran things!
  17. So I took apart what I could of the hammer in my CZ P-09 to figure out why the double action was playing up. After spending forver trying to work out how to remove the safeties I gave up, then couldn't reassmble it and chucked it to the side for another day. Now that my rage has died down a bit, I took a look for a picture of the part I couldn't fit back in and the spring was in the wrong place. I'm just going to smash my head against my desk for a while because of my own idiocy.
  18. Would really like a proper P90 integrated red dot for my KA P90, shame the only one readily availible is the G&G one, which I hear is poop. :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bando


      Get the real one then get the illumination kit for it. Best of both worlds. But as always integrated optics are usually *suitcase*.

    3. TheFull9


      The real one is just shockingly tiny, I reckon it'd be pretty terrible to actually use vs modern red dot sights.

    4. Wild_XIII


      Yea, I've gone against having the classic look to sticking a T1 on it. Now I just need a battery for the T1! :P

  19. Getting hyped for Infiltration Airsoft this weekend. Still so much gear to sort out!

  20. You can use anything really. I've adjusted the hop using my car key.
  21. I've never had an issue with adjusting it using a flat head. Is it tight when you reassemble the hop?
  22. For god's sake. I spend ages looking for my shorter G5 rails, find them and then realise I can't find the damned allen keys to fit them with! Why does everything I need just vanish!?

    1. FTZ-WildeCard


      It is the way of the world! Don't try to resist. :)

    2. BLZeebub


      One must be sacrificed for the other! B->


  23. I've heard nothing about bolt carriers breaking. Maybe it's just a ploy to get people to buy them. My bolt has the usual wear and tear, but naff all in terms of anything that would cause it to fail.
  24. Cheers, it's the FAB defence one. I haven't heard anything about the carbine kit being discontinued, that would make me sad as it really beefs up the rifle.
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