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  1. Dagonet

    1911 Picture Thread

    Another pistol primary player good man, keep up the stirling work.
  2. Dagonet

    1911 Picture Thread

    Ditch the silencer, add maybe a FAB Defense grip/magwell and a handfull of 40rd mags and some nice .30 bb's and i would primary that 1911 Do like the iron sights, nice work, very nice as have it.
  3. Dagonet

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    AK needs a hello kitty sticker to be complete Looking at your Sig pic and at that photo....... makes sense I have a question though, other players get the right hump when they get capped at range by a pistol, do players you bag also have to leave and avoid forums for a week to avoid ridicule from team mates and so called friends. Keep up the outstanding maverick work old chap
  4. Dagonet

    Glock Picture Thread

    All this talk of red dot sights...... couldn't resist the urge to drop this in here Mostly lurk in the quieter parts of the forum, thought i might cross over here for a change. My TM G17 FrankenGlock, with extra red dot sight awesomeness for those long range shots. Started life as a G17c, shop swapped top halfs and removed C extras as they had a special on Tan G17's when i bought it, and when i ordered, they had sold out so made one for me. Picked up the TM magwell at a later date, still worked out way cheaper than buying a 17c in the first place. Nineball 5.1 6.03x112.5(1911/hi-cappa) inner barrel, shimmed to fit outer barrel. Stock outer barrel, sleeved and extended, was built around a 120mm inner, but 5.1" = equals slide size and not overall inner barrel length, so it's 112.5mm inner. Nineball purple hop rubber. Hop unit honed faces and polished but stock TM Recoil guide rod, polished but stock TM Lightened BBU but still a stock TM part Action alloy vented piston head (1911 part, tight fit works well) Guarder alloy slide (more weight to lose there) replaced the stock TM plastic slide that only lasted 2 years on Green gas, some fittment issue's, BBU sits a fraction lower, so all contact surfaces have had a polish. FAB Defense USM scope mount, with the old type Walther Top point red dot sight, bit more durable than some other dot sights, bit chunky but i am more of a function over fashion kind of chap. Magazines have Magpul speed plates and polished BB feed tracks. Been short stroked, but for gaming i prefer to have the slide lock back over counting shots, settled on a inner frame mounted recoil buffer instead. Trigger is stock, but has been short stroked to remove most of the dead pull. Stock TM night sights on slide, filed down rear sight to allow the slide to be removed with out taking off the scope mount, sometimes need a quick mid game relube as i use light oil on the slide for less friction over grease. It's no show pony, and maybe not as pretty as some shooters in this thread, but it's taken aspects of the race gun world and gone more combat racer, might get an extended mag catch and i hear Nineball are doing Glock fit gas routers so might get some of them. I play pistol only a lot, so it gets worked hard, 600-800rds a day, it has a not so modified third hand TM G17 as back up or for those moments when dual Glocks are better than one. If TM made a G34 i would have just bought that instead
  5. Dagonet

    G&G GBBR CM16

    Any photos of internals ? Any chrono results ? Curious about whats inside this one, have they sort of dropped the workings of a pistol in the M4 body. They seem cheap enough to almost warrant having a go
  6. Dagonet

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nice attention to details Mobius. To think that cutting edge laser back then can now be crammed into a guide rod or small grip pod, how things have moved on (remembers the big old box lasers )
  7. Dagonet

    1911 Picture Thread

    Oh my, Thats a special pairing, do you game with them ? is the laser real ? or a modern repro, dosen't matter. Fantastic set up, "will you be back" with more photos.
  8. Dagonet

    H&K Picture Thread

    Looks like a STAR helbi mines only seen 4 years of play i think the motor has just died as have the hi-cap mag winders

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