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  1. Dang. I need to get the FG version to go with my Arid set to replace my OD blouse and Tigerstripe trousers.
  2. The method of choosing an optic should never be based off of pure aesthetics. If he's using it for CQB-medium range, then his optic choice is perfectly fine.
  3. I have one of them and they can get pretty front heavy so I'd suggest either a A1 solid stock or a collapsible one to be honest. So you can keep it shouldered closer to your body to make it more comfortable with all your gear rather than have a front heavy gun AND have to kinda hold it pretty far out. But regardless, nice choice. I would know.
  4. You should paint some of the accessories in gold or the Daniel Defense coppery/bronze color for some extra bling....
  5. Yeah they were kinda bulky/cumbersome when I held one and I'm 6 foot, but I liked it. It was actually pretty comfortable, you just needed to get used to it and get used to the quirks of the rifle.
  6. Don't use one. Holding a Scar by the magwell is going to put your thumb in the way of the charging handle if it's big enough, which is going to hurt on the real one and potentially the GBB ones as well. And nice scar Kalmah
  7. Would this help.....? http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-416-MR556-Extended-Quad-Rail-14p1960.htm
  8. Looks cool except for the tape. It'd burn away really quickly in real life but if you like it, go for it.
  9. Since it's the cool thing to do. I'll repost this here.
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