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  1. How far back does you dust-cover go when pulling the charging handle? I'm having some bother getting mine open enough to get at the hop. Cheers, ƒoo
  2. ƒoo

    STTI M4 Review!

    Okies, sorry for the delay. Took it to Pheonix airsoft on the 7th, and it was FANTASTIC. I had pretty low expectations for 150 quid, but it held its own with the rest of them! Problems: I am having problems fixing the hop, as the dust cover wont come back far enough for me to adjust it. Also, I was being a ###### with it and the fuse blew due to a jam in the mechbox (i think). I can't strip the gun to sort it as the rear body pin won't come out! Sending it back to Airsoft Armoury to fix tomorrow. They seem ok with it so ill update (yet again) when it gets back). Don;t let t
  3. ƒoo

    STTI M4 Review!

    Going to phoenix urban tomorrow, so will update on monday.
  4. ƒoo

    STTI M4 Review!

    Yes there is a 14mm thread, thanks Carrion. Bob The Angry Potato - I'm not really all that confident in ripping the gearbox apart, but after firing it the other day, I did encounter some double-feeding when using the STTi mag on Semi. Full auto seemed great and makes a good noise (not as beasty as the ICS, but good). I think this may have been down to the mag so im gonna test it with my Marui soon.
  5. ƒoo

    STTI M4 Review!

    Markings: As far as I could get the hop-up chamber open. Im sure with some lubing it will come a bit further as i cant get at the wheel properly: Removable Carry Handle to reveal a 20mm rail: OK, thats the picature fundom over with. From what I can tell, the build quality is excellent. Ive held both ICS and CA M4s, and I'd say it wasn't too far off ICS. The grip plastic is strong (both forward and pistol). I can't decide whether it has a 14mm thread if the flash-hider is screwed off, as I don;t wanna force it too much. It looks like it might do thoug
  6. NOTE: OK, as this is my first review, if I get anything wrong or miss something out, let me know please! I will be reviewing the Full Metal STTi M4. Bought it from airsoft armoury on sale for £150. Firstly, some piccies (bear with me due to the picture-per-post limit, and the shakey hands...). I won't be taking the gear-box apart or anything silly like that as im not all that confident in doing so The Box: Has a pic of the gun on the front, along with a few warnings and info (i.e. Contains a hi-cap mag and info on the hop-up). The Gun: Held in the box with
  7. ƒoo

    Unholy Fusions

    I was about to flame you for sticking m203s onto things and spoiling them... But it actually looks quite good with a 203 on it. Gj,
  8. riiight.... methinks masonkeys needs a job..
  9. Is that Carbon Fibre?! Sure looks like it.
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