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  1. PSK89

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    The owner of the site i visit has made one for himself. I imagine a most of you are familiar with shoot n scoot customs he also built a silenced thompson link Some of the other available customs can be seen at link and link
  2. PSK89

    WE SCAR Review

    I have 6 co2 magazines and four green gas (propane) magazines and i can tell the difference just from the change in force from the recoil. IMO the CO2 has a much harder recoil
  3. Aye I will do. Do you have new trousers, as if so i'll just ask from stirrat to borrow in the meantime. We should really set up 'something' for our team. Was saying to blackie about it about the jackets and muticam trousers etc.

  4. PSK89

    WE SCAR Review

    I own a SCAR which is running off of CO2 which works fine on semi auto at temps below freezing however at that low temp cool down affected the gun slightly. Few things to remember with playing CQB and using these GBBR: 1. Unless the site is restricted to semi-auto only you will find yourself to a disadvantage 2. 30 round magazines vs high cap magazines playing style needs to be altered limited amount of suppressing fire per mag 3. Weight of the magazines these arent the heaviest GBB magazines but they arent lightweight 4. The number of magazines you may require and the attached price around 30 pounds each 5. Cool down the gas still needs to expand this can cause you to change mags early. Half empty mags should be replaced into a pouch if possible to reach ambient temps and the remainder used. 6. Check with your site before hand regarding rules surrounding GBBRs and CO2. You WILL require a NPAS system (RA-Tech) however even with this installed some sites still refuse the use of these weapons as they can be easily opened and adjusted to a high FPS. 7. Not a huge point but this is a loud RIF inproves realism but if you are working through a series of rooms they will know you are coming!
  5. PSK89

    WE SCAR Review

    I had my SCAR out today for its first skirmish and I have to say the other players and myself were impressed with how it coped with the weather. We were playing in Dundee (the hill) with a fair cover of snow and with the temp possibly being as low as -5 celcius. Firing using co2 with a stock gun other than a RA-Tech NPAS. One or two minor problems with the mags nothing that wasnt expected just trying to do quick changes of co2 and a little bit of leaking while setting up (two out of six mags) but this resolved itself having shot the the gas out. Can't really comment on the accuracy over long range white bbs and snow (everyone was having a bit of trouble with their hops due to cold) On the plus side the bolt cycled well on semi and even a bit of burst fire. full auto firing for the whole mag which we tried to see if it was possible, the result was that the mag froze a little making it more of a challenge to remove the cartridge once all the gas had ran out. The noise it makes well as you all know certainly draws attention and scares the opposition when you pop up from a hidden spot. I had mates on the opposite team who said they could hear it a fair distance away along with my team mates WA M4. Considering the Stinger hop and some extra mags to make the best of the limited ammo capacity and for longer games.

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