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  1. 9th Group went out to MilSim West's event "Darial Gate" in Eastern Washington. More photos on our page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4...6581&type=1
  2. Barrett doesn't have enough patches on him.
  3. RRVs, MAVs, TAG rigs, 1961s (As, ARs/Gs), and probably some Tyr rigs since AFSOC (including multiple PJ units) have a big contract with them right now. More guys are going to be carrying their stuff directly on plate carriers, but those chest rigs are going to most likely be used if someone is going to be using a chest rig.
  4. Not of me, but a couple teammates at a 24 hour OP we went to last weekend. We didn't have any VS-17 panels and had to mark our position for friendly CAS, so we used a US flag instead. Also coincidentally since we were under the approach for McChord AFB, a C-17 decided to fly over the field as we were "calling" in CAS. Too bad it was an F15 or something, but that's what we get for being by an AMC base. Me on the left, looking derpy as *fruitcage*.
  5. IIRC, PIG stuff is custom made by Eagle (or one of the other big manufacturers) for SKD.
  6. The newer gen ThunderBs (with the ridges) won't fit in Paraclete bangers. My teammate the Clit Commander has tried. My current set up until Crye completes our team order;
  7. IFF purposes. From what I gather from real door kickers I know, they're mostly used during raids and the like, where camo doesn't matter so much as making sure you don't get shot by your own guys.
  8. Isn't there one behind the velcro on the upper chest, similar to what's on the slicks?
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