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    Looks very smart. I do like the look of AR's, but at the same time I don't want an American M4 like everyone else, something like this could be the answer...
  2. Wisey

    What's your backup?

    O.O BLIMEY. Love it!
  3. Wisey


    I'm gonna need new pants.
  4. Wisey


    That's dead smart, what make is it?
  5. Wisey

    What's your backup?

    I just Googled this gun as I not seen many Co2 pistol without big ugly mags sticking out of the bottom to hold the 12g. Watched a video on it. The first shot in the mag cronod at 663fps then dropped to a steady ~500fps. Does the cold bring it down a usable fps or am I missing something here?
  6. Wisey

    What's your backup?

    HFC Desert Eagle @Forti hand cannons ftw!

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