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  1. Painted up my F2000. Now trying to find a rail for it that does not cost half a gun.
  2. I wish they would sell that rail separately. Looks much better than the railed civilian version.
  3. Juhna


    This once had the scope handle but that one broke so I decided to do something about it. Rail is from SCAR handguard. Sits little too low but IMO wins the ugly rail of the civilian version.
  4. Well that explains why I need to extend the stock all the way for the gun to feel comfortable to shoot. Luckily I have not seen any other ACR on this side of the globe yet.
  5. Post picture. I fear that I can never look at my A&K masada the same way after this.
  6. Cyma AKS74U steel version with a homemade rail in the front. Im quite impressed of the quality.
  7. Does anyone else have problem with Dboys Scar-H fire fire selectors? Mine move unevenly so I have to use move both sides at the same time or I risk one staying half way between semi and auto.
  8. My Dboys Scar-H. Overdid green on the paint but it still looks quite fine up close. Works like a dream except for the fire selectors that dont want to move evenly.
  9. Wow. How did you get it to look like that?
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