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  1. I notice it took a bit of time to get the mask to fit perfectly, but once you do it is very comfortable. There are two parts to getting the fit right, bending (ever so slightly) the mask to relieve pressure points and the getting the strap fitted correctly on your head. Both the tightness and the angle of the strap is important (or at least was for me). He has a video of fitting the mask on his site that is spot on. Also if you have a mess of hair the fit will adjust during the game, a hat or sweat rag prevents this. The more I use the mask the more I like it.
  2. It's the beginning of Op season so he might be getting swamped, I've ordered 3 things from him and I received everything within a week of ordering here in California. I was also able to get all of them painted, two of them camo and one OD. It all depends on his available time.
  3. I have 6 of these. First thing I did after the first one leaked on me.. I took all of them apart and lubed up the O-rings. They now all work fine. After tossing them around a bit in CQB two of them have broken slightly in various places but are still functional. These could be terrific grenades, especially for the cost, so far they are just OK. Timing is a bit tricky (basically you unscrew the top feeder almost all the way to get it to between 2-5s). Spread is better than deep fires but that isnt saying a lot. Reliability has been pretty good so far. Basically this is a jack of
  4. Played with my lower mask for the first time yesterday. The lower holds up to hits just fine in CQB.
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