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  1. I almost forgot but Tokyo Marui held it's annual festival this weekend.

    Most stuff is already known but they did show 2 new guns that are in development

    G17 Gen 4
    This one should use the latest blowback housing and be real size

    A gbbr AKM
    most likely still a long time away (most likely this time next year) but interesting to see TM choose this model. 

    Source and more pictures and info on http://www.hyperdouraku.com/event/marui_fes6/index.html

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  2. The very high price of the SAI kit in Japan is probably due to it being imported. Same goes for the WE guns. I was in Fukuoka last October and WE guns we're even more expensive then Maruis (although to be fair, 11000 yen [currently = 76 eur] average for a Marui was pretty cheap to)


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