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  1. I almost forgot but Tokyo Marui held it's annual festival this weekend.

    Most stuff is already known but they did show 2 new guns that are in development

    G17 Gen 4
    This one should use the latest blowback housing and be real size

    A gbbr AKM
    most likely still a long time away (most likely this time next year) but interesting to see TM choose this model. 

    Source and more pictures and info on http://www.hyperdouraku.com/event/marui_fes6/index.html

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  2. @wolfgeorge

    I can't tell you really how my personal rifle shoots as I haven't really got the chance to properly shoot her. However I visited the Shoei factory in May of this year (on shoei's facebook page they posted a little video of that visit) and got to shoot it as much as I wanted there. From what I have experienced during my visit I can say that the rifle shoots beautifully and that the specified range of 50+ meters should hold.  

    The new gas system is pretty nice (but users should defininetly read the manual first), although, even though air is technically still a gas, I wouldn't want to call it a gas system due to the fact that it doesn't use gas as we airsofters are used to. You litterally charge the magazine with air with a handpump (american style valve) up to around 10 bar and then you can shoot the rifle 10 times. Although during my visit Shoei explained and showed to me that it is relatively easy to attach an hpa line to the rifle. The reason they didn't make this a standard feature is that apparantley many customers asked for it not to be a rifle with a line attached to it so they opted for the airsystem they have developed now. Even thought the rifle is pretty heavy at a little over 4100 grams unloaded (magazines are 560 grams) the recoil is still definitely there although for me personnally the most satisfying thing is seeing that bolt move towards my face everytime I pull the trigger.

  3. The very high price of the SAI kit in Japan is probably due to it being imported. Same goes for the WE guns. I was in Fukuoka last October and WE guns we're even more expensive then Maruis (although to be fair, 11000 yen [currently = 76 eur] average for a Marui was pretty cheap to)


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