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  1. I want to sell something, but I'm at a total freaking loss of where to even START. I can veiw the sales area just fine..... But what do I do, where do I go to SELL? Tried the FAQ link, but it's gone http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=72106
  2. OP: Bloodstone III Hosted by the Saint James Grenadiers http://www.saintjamesgrenadiers.com/bloodstone These guys host darn good OPs! I'll be there.
  3. until
    OPERATION: HORNET BREACH U.S. vs. USSR Modern/Cold War scenario Mid/Late 1980's U.S. Special Forces are sent from Germany across the Russian boarder to locate, identify, and eliminate Soviet Mobile ICBM Launchers and operators. A $20 Weekend Event. Oct 21~23. Madera, CA Hosted by the Airsoft Reenactor's Group. More information to follow. www.Airsoft Reenactors Group.com REGISTRATION TO OPEN SOON! U.S. Forces: U.S. Special Forces - Woodland Camo (REQUIRED) - M16/M4 Weapon (Preffered) Russian Forces: Russian Infantry/Spetznatz - ANY Russian Camo
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