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  1. l96ninja


    EngageNZL, what's the zoom on that scope?
  2. If you're looking for info on the VFC SCAR SSR, a guy on my local forum did a really great review on it here. If you check some of his other threads, he's made a thread where he lists upgrades he's done to it, and as I recall, after installing an R-Hop, he's getting phenomenal results. http://www.c3airsoft.com/showthread.php/vfc-scar-h-ssr-25039.html
  3. I'm totally hooked on this new "Spy" show from across the pond!

  4. I love your sniper videos, bjorn! I can't wait to see more!
  5. I really wish some ACM company would manufacture high quality M40A3 stocks for VSR-10's, they're just so steamy...

  6. really wants a WELL AW-338...

  7. is wondering when CA P90's will be back in USA shops so I can buy one...

  8. Marlowe - I ordered on the 9th, shipped on the 10th, should be here today (12th)

    1. Marlowe


      Thanks. Looks like I'd best start looking elsewhere for G&P M16A1s then. All suggestions gratefully received. :)

    2. hwagan


      Try Wolf Armouries - Think they're due a G&P delivery. They're also very reasonably priced these days, i picked up a G&P CQB MOE and a Troy DX front set for £430, which isn't half bad for UK prices.

  9. Marlowe - I ordered on the 9th, shipped on the 10th

  10. Looks like Hot Spot tried to clone the Summit or something, anyone know anything about these? http://hotspotairsoft.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4280&osCsid=k2g689rtml20s8jbdte7ham7b5
  11. Looking for someone who hosts MW2 10th prestige challenge lobbies for Xbox, please PM me if you do!

  12. Looking for someone who hosts 10th prestige Challenge lobbies for MW2 on Xbox, please PM me if you do!

  13. appslapp, what's the kit-list for that sexy SIG?
  14. Can you use the Real Sword 10.8 battery for this, or will that only fit the 97?
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