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    G&G M14 [DMR Conversion is 49% until completion]
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    TM Black Desert Esgke Hard-Kick G.B.B. Pistol
    WA M.A.R.S.O.C. Marine SOC Pistol

    TM M4A1 S-System
    TM SOCOM Mk.23 Fixed Slide Full Set Pistol
    $100 away from a TM VSR-10 G-Spec.

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    Classic Army M15A4 RIS Carbine
    about $200-250 away from a TOP M249 Mk.II Machine Gun
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  1. Yeah you can include M16. Except for M16VN's and A1's they were made in America. So was the CAR-15, and XM177E2.
  2. Hey since we hae a seprate topics just for FAMAS, MP5, G36 and AUG's why not a All-European AEG's topic. I'll post up either my AUG or FAMAS, whichever I get i'll try to post them up.
  3. How's the quality of plastic on the FAMAS SV. Also can you take a ppic of the sights.
  4. That is the best gun model I have ever seen. I'm not joking. Ghost Recon 2 looked like they just drew the details on the weapons and it looks like the AK47 in MGS 3 looks like a 3d cardboard cutout.
  5. I think i'm going to buy that thong for my girlfriend. She will love me, even though she hates airsofting.
  6. Do you guys know if you can put a Tokyo Marui M203 for M16 can go on a Classic Army M15A4 Rifle? Because it would look hella tight with it on there.
  7. You got yourself a nice M16A1+M203 combo right there rhino. Mods are cool.
  8. A M4 CQBR with a shorty M203 would look nice any day. Have you seen the LR 300 with the M203 on clmwrx sig, it looks hella tight.
  9. Here is the SR-71A1 6.8mm Assault Rifle. Isn't that funny, SR-71. Sorry about the crappiness of the drawing. Its a rough draft I drew in two minutes.
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