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    Zombie Apocalypse

    Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Law and order has broken down, resources are scarce, supplies are running out. Disbanded military units and the remnants of the civilian population are grouping together attempting to withstand the onslaught of the undead. Rival survivor groups to be hunted by the undead throughout :- 63 acres of woodland. Deserted village. Abandoned Military HQ. Hidden structures. Sign in 08:00, Endex 22:00. For more event info please visit http://apocalypse249.com Please note :- In a rather curious twist of fate, lunch and dinner will be incl
  2. until
    Apocalypse Airsoft - Clear and Present Danger. 25th - 26th February 2012 A survival based milsim in a counter insurgency scenario over a 200 acre forested site. Estimated mission time:- 30 hours Cost £45 per player in advance. Booking closes on 31st January. Members of a a specialist team are required for surveillance duties with the emphasis on guerrilla warfare. The correct kit is essential as the terrain and probable weather conditions will be unfavourable for Airsoft gimmicks. You will be moving hard and fast with no comfort breaks, safe zone or covered areas, so
  3. 2 x 120 minute games with prezzies in the jungle. Raffle tickets £1.00 each one free for every web booking. On site shop courtesy of Mad Badger (Christmas deals available). Credit/debit card facilities available. Hot food and drink from the canteen. Festive machine gun sounds/music. Prizes for fancy dress 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 13 to 15 years of age £10.00 per head (£5.00 deposit through website, please state age when booking). 16 years and over £20.00 per head (£5.00 deposit through website). www.apocalypse249.com Follow this event on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/eve
  4. Spagley

    Apocalypse Badger 2

    In association with Mad Badger, we proudly present :- Apocalypse Badger 2 - The Battle of Ia Drang Valley. You can expect explosions, you will be dumped somewhere and have to fight you way through territory you don't know, sending out flanking patrols and other patrols to get around the enemy to move through the enemy country, and town, then onto the safety of your base. Safety is not assured as while you are kicking it up in the boonies with Mr Charlie, his compatriots have arrived and are ready to take your base on. The rest is top secret at this stage! With 100 players a
  5. Apocalypse Airsoft present... The Deer Hunter (Customers vs the Apocalypse Team) A six hour continuous game with no official breaks but the safe zone including the shop will be open all day for you to frequent at your leisure. http://www.apocalypse249.com For additional mission specific information please visit the Facebook Event page
  6. Just jumped on the band hwagon, and taken deliver of one of these mesself. A very nice weighty bit of kit Only odd thing is the way the three prong flash hider rings like a tuning fork after each shot. Anyone care to determine the pitch Should get a chance to shoot (at) some Royal Marines with it this weekend, which I feel is a suitable first outing !
  7. I have to chip in to say that I had fantastic service from them too. After a few emails to check stock and sizing, I placed an order for a set of Czech 95 camo gear at just before midday on a Thursday. Postie arrived with it next day at 11:30am You really can't complain about receiving bulky packages next day for only £3.99 carriage !!!
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