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  1. Pedlar

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Kitlist : (Front) Tyr PICO MV : left Shoulder strap modded with a Cobra Buckle Tyr Thor Shoulder Pads Tyr 7.62 Triple Mag Pouch Crye SR-25 Mag Pouch First Spear Mini Admin Pouch (6/9) First Spear Tourniquet Pouch (6/9) Nacre Quietpro Motorola MTS2000 BFG Double .45 Pistol Mag Pouch (HW) LBT Mini Utility Pouch (AOR1) (Rear) Tyr PICO Zip-on Back Panel with 50Oz Source Bladder US Tactical Custom Triple FB Pouch US Tactical Slap Charge Pouch (AOR2) First Spear Medium GP Pouch (6/9) TCI Mast (Hidden) (Helmet) Ops-core Carbon Bump Helmet : OCC-Dial replaced with Team Wend Epic Air Pads and Ops-Core H-Nape First Spear Hybrid Helmet Cover Wilcox L4 3 Hole Shroud (Tan) Wilcox L4 G24 Mount (Tan) S&S Precision M-Ax Mount (White) S&S Precision Manta Strobe (White / IR) Princeton Tec Charge MPLS (White / Red / Green / IR) EOG Low Profile Counter Weight Pouch Still waiting for the GPNVG and slap charge to finish off the kit
  2. Pedlar

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Millett DMS 1 - 4 x 24
  3. Pedlar

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My SR25 EMC in its Final Configuration : Kit List A&K SR-25 Base G&P M110 URX II Rail System G&P M110 Barrel machined down to 16" G&P M110 Gas Block Machined to EMC Configuration MadBull Surefire FH Accu-Shot BT10-LW17 - Atlas Bipod with ADM 170-S Lever Mount Magpul AFG Gear Sector Rail Mount QD Socket Larue Index Clips Tango Down Scar Panels VFC PEQ-15 : Debating on changing this over to the G&P DBAL Gear Sector Offset Flashlight Mount with Surefire M600C Scout Light Surefire SR07 Rail Mounted Switch : Trimed to fit between the 12 and 9 O'Clock Rails. Larue Tactical (LT724) Angled CQB QD Mount with an Aimpoint Micro T-1 Larue Tactical (LT135) SPR / M4 1.93" QD Mount with a Millett DMS 1-4 x 24 (Fitted with Bulter Creek Scope Covers) Troy Rear BUIS Magpul ACS Stock Magpul MOE Grip Magpul Trigger Guard Ares Armour Husky Amentum Slider Sling in AOR1 Not Shown : Mapul LR20 P-Mags 4 Off MadBull Surefire Suppressor
  4. Pedlar

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    uscmCorp .... I'd agree with you on the Ares as all the ones i've found are finicky to say the best. With regards to the others you have 2 options .. (a) the G&P models - good quality, but expensive and they have trades on them a good or bad thing that up to your own personnal opinion. ( the A&K version - a near straight copy of the G&P with a blank body which is ideal for laser etching the correct trades on, sure the internals aren't great but that is an easy job to rectify seeing as its a near standard item . Anyhow as for mine the next step is to get a Larue SPR/M4 - 1.93" mount and then look at getting the trades laser etched As for the big surefire lamp... well this is my nightfighting gun and having that big assed lamp their during night games makes for a nice equaliser, especially when its got the IR beam cover on it . But I do appreciate the comments on how to improve it so keep them coming.
  5. Pedlar

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Updated Pics or the SR-25 EMC as mentioned
  6. Pedlar

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Well i know uscmCorps did a really good build of one a while ago .... so heres my attempt at a KAC SR25 EMC : ( Only had access to my iphone 4 so i'll try to upload some better pics within the next couple of days ) A&K SR25 Magpul ACS Stock with QD Mount Magpul PTS MOE Grip Magpul PTS MOE Trigger Guard Magpul PTS LR20 PMag Magpul AFG XM110 URX II and Barrel Custom Modified Front Gas Block Madbull Surefire Suppressor and Flashhider Surefire M962 with tape switch and Larue Mount Gear Sector QD Sling Mount VFC PEQ 15 Mapgul Ladder Rail Covers Tango Down Scar Rai Covers Troy Rear Sight BFG VCAS Cobra Sling
  7. Pedlar

    Pics of your Gear

    Heres a quick update on something i'm in the process of building up Flyye Replica Crye Chassis Left Flank MLCS Flash Bang Pouch x 2 Emdom 4X4 SUV Pouch x 1 MLCS Grenade Pouch x 2 Front Plate Emdom CQB M4 Double Mag Pouch x 2 Paraclete M4 Double Mag Pouch x 2 Emdom CQB 1911 Double Mag Pouch x 3 Right Flank MLCS M60 Ammo Pouch x 1 Paraclete MBTIR Pouch x 1 Helmet TC2002 SOD Gear Combat Helmet Cover in DESERTICO CB62 Ops Core H-Harness Ops Core ARC Rail System Norotos 1 Point NVG Mount Tango Down Surefire Helmet Mount Surefire HL1 Helmet Light Oakley A-Frames Misc Bowman PRR with Dual PPT and Headset Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling with Cobra Connector Cactus Hobbies AOT Mask
  8. Pedlar

    VFC KAC PDW Review

    A new toy has just arrived today RATech KAC PDW soI though i'd stick some quick pics of it up With Magpul XTM Rail Cover, Larue Tactical FUG and a Burris Fast Fire in a Larue Mount
  9. Pedlar

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Any Ideas when these will be available or sale from Redwolf

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