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  1. kagami

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I'm working on it! trying to find a nice place outside to snap some pics lol
  2. kagami

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    whether or not G&P aeg threads are TM or real spec is up for debate, people on both sides of the issue regarding their personal experience. There really is only one way to find out but with the two G&P aeg receivers that I have used, they fit rails marketed for TM aegs just fine.
  3. kagami

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Needs more gas piston gas blowback! Iron Airsoft Remington RGP and Prime MRP. Both Billet CNC kits.
  4. kagami

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    - 12.5 Noveske Crusader Switchblock Upper on a ViperTech SR-16E3 Lower - 12.5 Iron Airsoft Remington RGP Upper + Remington Lower My WA based SBRs, wondering if anyone else bought an RGP upper...
  5. kagami

    H&K Picture Thread

    Marui HK45 w/ Detonator Tactical Kit + Mepro Sights and some Nineball upgrades and a Viridian Gen 1 X5L iPhone pictures came out better than I thought haha
  6. kagami

    RA Custom WE M4 AAC300 - CNC Forged

    SVOBODA = Guarder/Intruder Shop Also its nice to see close up pictures, just sad it says Lawrencevelle instead of Lawrenceville
  7. kagami

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    By the way Japan just got the next run of tactical kits and as promised, they do not have the "Tactical" writing on them. Should hit HK stores with around 220 price point.
  8. kagami

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    no need, one can imagine what it should look like if it was done correctly lol. Aod said everything perfectly. And I really don't understand this "not a Marui" mentality especially in relation to this pistol. Marui pistols run around 140-150 where as this one is 75 dollars more than that. Even when it was initially priced to be 140~ people weren't complaining as it offered something novel in a decent quality package.
  9. kagami

    Cybergun/VFC FNX-45

    I've been slow on the "news" thread but did they address the barrel to properly tilt or was that never an issue to begin with?
  10. kagami

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    Detonator ATEi slide set. Should expect SAI kits soon as well patterning the TM following KSC's HK45. http://boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=DEN-SL-MPATEI-TM&curr_code=USD http://www.enten.co.jp/DET-SL-MP901BK.html
  11. kagami

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    if nova wont do slides detonator will definitely put them out similar to the HK45 affair, guarantee it ...but nova will have slides out anyways.
  12. kagami

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    Bit late but I had received my tactical kit. Excellent quality but that's what comes with the price when it comes to Detonator stuff. I emailed boomarms and it seems the reason tactical kits aren't being stocked is because all the Japan shops bought them already and they were a limited run. Ordering directly from Japan set me back around 310 dollars but the addition a front and rear sight to the package offset the cost by a bit in my mind. The slide stop insert is of great quality steel and is secured via 2 screws instead of being held in place by the BBU like in the stock marui. Of course, the parts are not interchangeable and the Detonator piece is of a different shape as well. I think the Meprolight sights have a very cool look especially with the swept forward rear that allows for one handed slide manipulations. Unlike the real Meprolights they are only fiber and do not contain tritium. Since the HK45 is compatible with real front sights, I plan to buy a real Meprolight front sight sometime. Around ambient room lighting for around 5 minutes: After shining under a bright light for around 10 seconds: The outer barrel is 14mm clockwise not anti. The cocking indicator sticks out when the slide is in battery and retracts when the slide moves back. However, unlike in the store pictures the extractor/cocking indicator slot is not painted red so you'll have to do it yourself
  13. kagami

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    pulled the trigger on a detonator tactical kit, I'd like to see for myself how nice the sights are since I've handled a slide but not any sights from them.
  14. kagami

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    Your wish has been granted: http://www.enten.co.jp/DET-SL-HK03BK.html also some phosphorescent standard sights, non tritium like the mepros: http://www.enten.co.jp/det-st-TM16.html
  15. kagami

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    The screw is a good idea in my opinion as for the most part it will not be visible and it offers an easily replaceable option if it were to ever wear down. The VFC is wholly based on the WA platform so this is no surprise, it's basically a more realistic WA system. I wonder why they skimped out on the trigger seeing as how steel parts oem from vfc are so cheap. If they're m4/416 compatible, would you mind picking up a steel m4 trigger and testing it?

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