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  1. hunting down a car-15, preferably g&p, also for a zombat stryker, echo1!!

  2. hunting down a car-15, preferably g&p, also for a zombat stryker, echo1!!

  3. is this gun much heavier than a conventional M16A1?
  4. wow ollieTY that looks awesome...I would definitely use that as a primary a la CQB!!
  5. i don't know why, but I think that CIA slide would be pretty funny. Or even (I assume) is KGB?
  6. I think the model with the installed foregrip just looks better and completes the gun, regardless of whether it loses modularity...I don't own one, but when, not if, I get one, it will be with the permanent foregrip. STYLE
  7. droool.....sounds and looks like an awesome gun. If it is anything like KWA's famous MP7......man, its bound to be a brilliant gun. I would like to have this as a side weapon as I've surrendered to my local fields' usage of AEG's. I just couldn't compete with my WE SCAR or even my MP7. Those kids just spit out 400 rounds to my 30 at a point of skirmish....and people need a few rounds in the same spot to knock'em out!! I love gbb's though.
  8. I might be selling one w/5 mags and Magpul BUIS...but the jury is out.
  9. damn, that stubby down on the bottom is really nice. I like the multicolor rail covers...nice touch.
  10. I have looked at almost this ENTIRE thread and I have to say it is very inspiring. Just when i started to feel a little uncomfortable with the economic decisions I've made with my airsoft collection/gear....someone (actually a lot of people) have outdone me!! lol There are some nice guns out there.
  11. I am very satisfied with how many shots I get from the mags....really impressed actually. Also, do you guys have pics of the problems with the sites you are talking about? I'm not sure I understand. I was just inspecting my 5-7 to keep an eye out for such issues. thanx.
  12. okay, I could've swore I saw a discussion about this earlier in the thread but I couldn't find it....is there a SERPA-mountable option for the 5-7? I like the SERPA system so much that I think it would be sick to just have everything on one little set-up.
  13. cool, thanx....I think this will be a nice compromise between buying a new TM pistol or continuing to save for the Glock18. I think an OD 5-7 is going to be SICK!!
  14. I was thinking of getting the Guarder Polycarb frame/slide in OD and I was wondering if there is anything peculiar I should know about these "shells." Does everything pretty much fit nicely, is there any sanding that needs to be done? Are there any other upgrades I should get? I alsready have a Mad Bull tightbore and I finally have valve key to fix the mag o-ring issue that renegadecow explained. I almost sold this gun, but I'm just remembering how great the blowback is, and just having a really nice reliable pistol is something I just NEED for a proper skirmish set-up. I was going to take t
  15. I definately recommend this gun. Eventhough, I'm selling it, I put high price on it b/c I'm just not in a hurry to sell!!!
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