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  1. AR 15's? Here are some. (excuse the M249)
  2. Current project. KAC freefloat RAS, Bushmaster body, Gemtech HALO, VLTOR low-profile gasblock with flip up sight. Body, Ras, pistol grip and stock made by G&P. Just waiting on my payday so I can buy that g&p gearbox I set aside at work that has the rest of the parts for the bodies as well. Then, maybe a KAC 600 meter rear flip-up and M3 or ACOG.
  3. And the HK416 is busted again. This time I guess it's the piston... the amount of money I have spend on this thing would have gotten me the VFC HK416 already but too late to give up I guess.

    1. PureSilver


      Whose did you buy? Not the G&G, surely?

  4. Ha! Finally might have gotten my AGM HK416 working. Although now that I have uttered these words, it will fail me on the next outing.

  5. Ah, electric problems in an AEG. Gotta love 'em

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    2. kenxin


      My springer has cooldown problems....

    3. Gunmane


      Went to test fire my three kalashnikovs. My akms was not reacting to the battery, turns out the fuse was out of place. Explains why when last used in game it suddenly died on me.

    4. bladerunner168


      Trigger response and ROF has not improved on my springer even though I installed a MOSFET, please help?

  6. 'twas fun. Burned my arms though. Way too hot for a jacket and yet to get an MC combat shirt. (I hate the look of all but the propper ones because the middle part in the propper shirt is also in camo)
  7. A couple of pics from few weeks back. Me and me and a teammate posing after a day of skirmishing.
  8. Mine and my flatmate's hurt locker.
  9. The only name I've seen for it is "russian night camo" but I think it might be purely commercial. If anyone knows where to get bdu-jackets in that color, please tell. Those softshell hoodies we are wearing in the picture get quite hot on summer.
  10. Well, my main team is Red Scorpions Solutions, a made up PMC that we use in quite a few scenario games. In full greens for once. My other team that we play CQB with is Deathkult.
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