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  1. Just needs a small GP pouch, and 2 pistol pouches and it'll be complete as far as pouches go.
  2. WIP JPC. AOR1 pouch is just a place holder until I can get another hydro in Multicam. Adding some HSGI Shoulder pads, and maybe some bangers to complete this.
  3. Pretty bland right now, I need to get a few more items for her like the Rails, the cover, Ops Core VAS Shroud, Princeton Tec Switch MPLS, a Manta Strobe, and some ANVIS stuffs. Also need to drill holes to mount the VAS. Any suggestions on the drilling (because it's a real Airframe)?
  4. Got my new pouches today, all are SFLCS. Was going to use a SFLCS hydro, but decided to get a Yote instead. Eagle Ind. MBAV 4x Magazine Pouches Frag Grenade Pouch Smoke Grenade Pouch MBITR Pouch 100rd SAW Nutsack pouch (Stand in for IFAK)
  5. Much appreciated guys! Thanks.
  6. Anyone know what size bladder fits in the medium CP zip on panels for the CPC?
  7. I may do that instead, the flags would look good. I'll just need to secure the google with a bungee
  8. I would, but the sides seem way to plain for my liking, although I do have the Surefire mounted to the helmet directly instead of the rails.
  9. Sort of a team, missing one guy though. I'm the one standing up in the bed of the car.
  10. MSA TC2002 Custom Multicam Cover ANVIS Mount and LPBP ANVIS 6/9 Goggles Surefire Helmet Light (not pictured) I have Ops-Core ARC rails on the way. They should be here tomorrow.
  11. Anyone have a pic of CAG wearing a CPC and a FAST ballistic?
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