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    in a place full of heat and fire and brimstone... yep! G'day mate, welcome to Australia...
  1. actually, there is a gear guides video on there, where it says "play feature" on the gear menu. great DVD, i own this and volume 3 and theyre excellent, Volume 1 coming soon into my possesion
  2. man, talk about neighbours from hell! i would be reporting them for so much as cuting the cheese in my direction after that!
  3. if u wear the blaclava that i saw there u should be good in protecting your teeth, also the fog thing can be easily prevented although yes, teeth are precious
  4. HBC: let it be, just cos we dont have a rep system anymore doesnt mean fights should arise in posting form. Kizuna123: learn to spell properly, PLEASE matt: nice loudout!!! Spantney: i THINK that what kizuna was trying to say is that if you wore googles instead of a full mask it would look more SWAT, andi would agree with him there
  5. nice serious look you've got there
  6. nice loadout trdsupragt could u post some pics of that m4, im wanna see wot it looks like, and that WA based Kimber Custom TLE II with SureFire 310R is sweet, lloks exactly the same
  7. sorry double post, can a mod delete this 1 please
  8. wow... you joined only to post that? thats sad...
  9. thanx for that, he loved it any gbb maintenance/takedown-rebuild videos?
  10. im trying to get one of my friends into airsoft cos hes a real whiz at internals and electricals and mechanics so i wanted to find some videos showing how to do upgrades and cleaning and stuff (we might be going to the uk) thanx
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