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  1. If it's not the first time you perhaps need to consider what it is you're doing that gives the mods cause to delete your posts so regularly?
  2. I've seen no evidence of overzealous moderation here. I'd even say the rules have relaxed a little in the couple of years I've been here. It's good to hear the mods are looking at changing the rules for "hot" guns, especially as there are so many Chinese clones available commercially in the UK that exceed forum limits, but the only time I've seen the rule applied is when someone is quite clearly discussing upgrading a gun beyond the limits; I've seen a number of discussions about working with guns already over the limit that have been unhindered. The mods are only human (well, some
  3. It seems this information might no longer be entirely correct. Action Hobbys were known to be shipping Mk.IIs but a number of us have recently taken delivery of post Mk.II R85s in the coloured boxes. So they have either reverted to shipping Mk.Is and current deliveries are an older version than they were shipping a month or more ago, they're shipping Mk.IIs in colour "Mk.I packaging" again or there's an entirely new Mk.III (also unlikely as it seems to have the same issues). So, does anyone actually *know* the differences and would be kind enough clarify the easiest way to visually
  4. Thanks for that... saved me stripping it down or trawling through all 50+ pages of the review thread to find it. I vaguely recall one of the Hong Kong posters confirmed that the battery was switched to the silver/grey one after it was revied, but is anyone able to confirm for definate if was Mk Is or just prototypes that shipped with the yellow battery? Might help some of us confirm we have a Mk II easily.
  5. Mine arrived in a coloured box as well but it's one of the last consignment into Action Hobbies - I thought their more recent deliveries were all Mk IIs? It has a slight handguard wobble that I've not solved yet (although after fitting the battery it's not quite so bad) and it has the expected occasional lockup on semi-auto. It's basically a G&G, warts n' all, for about a third of the price so I'm certainly not complaining!
  6. Looking good guys. The sarg' on the right in the top photo even has "that look" about him too and wields his MP5 like he's guarding an airport! Tho' whoever is second left in the same photo needs reminding of his training and the mantra "thou shalt not point a loaded Glock at ones nuts!" :P
  7. Nice work guys... loving the G3 and the Taser.
  8. I'm not sure the Aimpoint looks bad as such just, well... "wrong". It might look better on a lower mount. Anyone tried it? The ACOG doens't look to bad. It's still not the right scope for this rifle but it's passible, perhaps due to the fact it looks more similar to the SUSAT. I know the Star SUSAT isn't directly compatible with other L85s but has anyone here tried to fit one? If so, what's the main issue/mods required to get it to fit?
  9. VERY easy. The WE 1911A1 is a TM clone (with slightly different internal dimensions) and strips down in exactly the same way. First time you'll need a couple of hours to take it apart slowly and work out how it all fits together, but you can take them down completely in about 15 mins with some practice.
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