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  1. Face Off Springfield 1911 V12's Both are made of brass one is Prime build on WA SCW3 and the other is an Airsoft Surgeon built on Marui MEU. Wolf
  2. WA based brass Prime Kimber Raptor II Wolf
  3. Love it man .. Awesome little gun! Wolf
  4. Amazing!!!! Love the FG42! Is this the model gun or does it shoot bbs? Wolf
  5. Amazing!!!!!!! I always to get one of those but the prices were too high! Wolf
  6. Single stack SV Infinity 1911, strait TiN barrel .. Wolf
  7. You're right! The G3 wood is better and has more details than the CETME! Wolf
  8. I have to get one of these CETME pieces for my G3 ! Looks amazing buddy! Wolf
  9. wolfgeorge


    I always wanted to get the M107 but customs are bitching about it .. i'll wait for the second gen and see what happens Wolf
  10. wolfgeorge


    Impressive mate This is mine Socom Gear Barrett M82 w/Polarstar Fusion engine
  11. Oh man they are great!!! Wolf
  12. PGC SFA Operator WA based
  13. I had one .. Cool slide kit ..Sadly sold it but I kept the Prime/Nova ZEV G17L Wolf
  14. Hahaha Nope .. but feels nice !! Love WA's I always wanted a Kongsberg 1911... It's so nice! This is .. An Edge kit build around a WA Magna R-Type Wolf
  15. Commander size 1911s Nova SAI 1911 Commander and Nova Kimber 1911 Pro Raptor II Wolf
  16. I'd buy that .. but I think I'll wait them to release something fancier! Wolf
  17. wolfgeorge


    Both are Ares bodies, the black is the older XM110 body build by DG, it's emi auto only and you could buy it as a complete gun, the trigger is awesome , love it . The Tan was build by me .. It's working fine I've done tr trigger mod for more stable FPS, I have to R hop it now .. Wolf
  18. wolfgeorge


    Daytona Gun M110/SR25 GBB Wolf
  19. Actually I have 2 .. Bought them years ago when they were still available. Redwolf had these. I've fitted the other one in a Airsoft Surgeon SAI G17 Wolf
  20. Nova SAI BLU, EMG BLU frame I have this slide kit since it was released in 2016 I think. Build it a bout a month ago.. I can't decide which barrel to leave on the stock black barrel or the Airsoft Surgeon brass fluted Brass barrel Wolf
  21. Interested in the handguns too... Wolf
  22. wolfgeorge


    That's updated version of the VSS. The Russian army started buying them 4-5 years ago iirc. It's called VSS-M [ВССМ (6П29М)] https://www.vitalykuzmin.net/Military/4th-Kantemirovskaya-Tank-Division-Open-Day-Part2/ Wolf
  23. NPO VSS-M Surpat BDU's Wolf
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