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  1. Prime WA SCW2 based Colt S70 blued. Unfortunately I received it with those nasty scratches. The kit was used but I don't understand how those scratches were made. Wolf
  2. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help . Wolf
  3. Please.. PLEASEEEEE GIVE ME DETAILS HOW YOU DID IT. ? want to blue a Zeke slide and I don't know how! Wolf
  4. I'd like a XIX Deagle but 800 usd are too much. Wolf
  5. This is my favourite gun in my collection. Brass Prime Colt Gold Cup National Match I just gave it a good polish and the shine came back. Wolf
  6. I got this gun from a friend in France it's really a super awesome gun. Very rare piece and has lots of small details... I kinda miss the old days. Newer kits are nowhere near as nice as this one. Prime WA Rtype based SV Infinity 1911 Wolf
  7. Old Nova Kimber Warrior kit on Marui with RS carbon fiber grips. Wolf
  8. Prime WA Rtype based Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II I got this gun with missing parts and in non working condition. I found the needed parts in my spares bin but the gun had a weird issue. I sorted it and now works flawlessly! Now I will deal with the cosmetic issues.. Wolf
  9. Awesome piece man. Lovely little gun. Wolf
  10. I've installed a Ace1 6.01 barrel that came with the threaded SAI barrel, I didn't measure it up.. It fit's OK. It's about G34 length. Wolf
  11. Prime ZEV Dragonfly I did a quick assembly of this beautiful slide, I'm amazed by the quality and finish! The finish is simply amazing and it was a drop in fit, very rare these days! It's highly recommended kit fellas... If you can find it ... BUY it! Now I have to finish the G17L and BLU... Wolf
  12. WA Rtype based Colt S70 the metal is made by the Japanese Edge great quality. I got it second hand and it was in a so so condition. I took the polishing compound and some clean pieces of cloth and this is the end result. Wolf
  13. And the black steel FPR Kimber Raptor II Wolf
  14. FPR steel Kimber Stainless Raptor II Wolf
  15. Tokyo Marui 1911 with Zeke kit. Honestly this is one of the pretiest 1911 kit's I've seen! Tight fitment, deep trademarks , all it need now is some weathering at the controls and it's ready! I would weather the controls now but the heat is unbearable! I hate the summer! :think: Wolf
  16. Gorgeous mate! I need a Hensoldt scope too. for my MSG90. Wolf
  17. wolfgeorge

    CZ Picture Thread

    This is my SP01 And the CZ collection Wolf
  18. Perfect mate .. Perfect! Wolf
  19. RC.. What's that?? LoL.. Post nuclear war gun?? Cool project!! Wolf
  20. Oh that Detonics!!!!!!!! It's so cute! Wolf
  21. Great news but I'll pass on the steel guns.. My wallet can't stand that. But the National Match is a must. And then we wait for the Wilson Protector. Wolf
  22. Finally after many years I found a Zeke S&W M945. It's fantastic piece great quality and attention to detail. Wolf
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