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  1. About Platatac: “Platypus Outdoors Group is as unique as the animal we derive our name from. From humble beginnings with an ambitious vision, we have grown from a simple outdoors and militaria store to an international distributor of over 40 worldwide brand names with a combined product list in the thousands. We offer a great range of products and capabilities in support of the soldiers and law enforcement personnel that stand on the battlements looking over us whilst we are safe in our homes. Thanks to you guys; we simply would not exist without your support. We have dedicated teams in sales, design, development, accounts and production that ensure high quality and world class tactical nylon, ECW and flame retardant products are available to our clients. Through our Platatac brand, our teams design, innovate and create the best gear imaginable (at the best price) to meet the needs of operators of all types. Our Melbourne factory employs the finest machinists and designers that converse directly with our end users to augment and develop ideas with the vision of continued improvement in performance and quality. With our other brands we represent from the US, UK, Sweden, Israel, and our mates here in Australia, we have the most comprehensive product range of tactical nylon products that the industry has seen in our country.” – Directly from website. Shipping time took 1 week. From the time of order to my front door, including the processing time through customs. Yes, this pattern is made from the Kryptek Mandrake Pattern. As far as I am aware, this is one of the only companies that makes a pant or shirt of this style with built in knee and elbow pads, or at least the option too. It is important to note that the company Vertx does make a pant with the Kryptek pattern, however, the shade and color is off due to their manufacturing process. Platatac is the correct design and pattern used directly from Kryptek. Starting with the Pants: The pants are extremely well built and are extremely similar to the Crye precision cut. Platatac’s sizing chart is in centimeters and they do run a little small. These pants are a XXL and I have a 42” waist. There is elastic around the knee pads (not included) and in the waist. One thing I found was weird was the amount of elastic around the knees. Instead of a button or snap closure, there is the use of Velcro, allowing a little bit more sizing adjustability. The pants do have a very good quality zipper. On the front of the pants there are two small pockets that have Velcro closures as well as larger, deeper cargo pockets on the sides of the pants. The standard pants pockets are small and shallower than usual. Towards the ankle there is also another smaller pocket with a Velcro closure. The standard Velcro cuff at the bottom of the pants is also available for more adjustability. On the rear of the pants. There is elastic around the waist. As well as between the legs and crotch. Causing your pants to less likely split in more dynamic positions. If you look at the waist on the rear of the pant there is Velcro to adjust the waist sizing. Behind the knee pads there is Velcro adjustments (Elastic in Crotch Area) Overall, the stitching is great, great quality material that can stand up to a dynamic player. The pants to run a little small, but it’s very minor. The Combat Shirt: The body of the shirt is extremely stretch so it conforms to your body extremely well. This is a regular size shirt and I’m 6’2”. I can pull the bottom of the shirt all the way down to about half way on my thighs. SO if you’re extremely tall, a Regular size should fit you fine. The zipper is the same of that’s on the pant. Another interesting point of the shirt. There is padding on the shoulders to help with comfort when wearing a plate carrier. The pockets on the arms are full of Velcro. With a Velcro closure. On the side of the pocket is a zipper opening to another, but smaller compartment. On the rear, the camo does not go far down the back, unlike the Truspec combat shirts, where the pattern goes almost a 1/3rd of the way down the back. Again the stitching is perfect and is done with the same quality in mind as the pants.
  2. AMC1096

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    It seems tall, height wise, for a size medium.
  3. AMC1096

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    One specific question, what size is that in that photo? What is the size difference besides plates?
  4. AMC1096

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Anyone have pictures of there TYR Pico?
  5. AMC1096

    WE M&P

    Yes, please provide pictures. Thanks
  6. AMC1096

    WE M&P

    Another Question. Aftermarket sights. Do real ones fit? I know there are no replica aftermarket sights yet. Thought I should ask.
  7. AMC1096

    WE M&P

    Thanks for the help, I might send it to a friend who works for a machine shop....or I'll wait until an after market company creates a slide or something similar (once TM releases theres).
  8. AMC1096

    WE M&P

    Question of Innovatiors. Anyway to attach an RMR reddot to my M&P, in front of the rear sight? I was thinking about taking the railmount off the sight and using velcro to attach it. I have seen RS M&P milled out for an RMR, but im looking for a cheap way. And no rail sections that attach to the bottom rail and bring it over the slide!
  9. AMC1096

    WE M&P

    Does anyone have an issue with theres? I cant seem to shoot a full mags worth of ammo, using a full can of propane.
  10. AMC1096

    G&G GBBR CM16

    Wait, they already released them in the UK? We only have the preproduction version in the US, and we are all on preoreder.
  11. AMC1096

    WE P226 R

    How would you say this compares to the KWA M226?
  12. AMC1096


    What brand bipod is that ^.
  13. AMC1096

    UK Spec KWA KMP9 Pictures

    Has anyone had issues with the ends of the charging handles snapping off on the ends after little use? When we received our shipment two out of eight MP9 charging handles broke when test firing.
  14. AMC1096

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    RacingManiac, full kitlist please?
  15. AMC1096

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Do the Paraclete bangers hold a thunder B?

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