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  1. Marshall told me Thursday night that propane is going to break my 226E2.  That was a cool story.

    1. icolater


      Just to be on the safe side, with the hot weather we are having running 134a would probably be a good idea. It's a nice pistol and would be a shame to break it like I did with my m45a1. 

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  2. The new TM announcements are so underwhelming, they don't even deserve a post on the news section

    1. icolater


      Good. I'm starting to dislike marui as much as I used to. They recent products internals are made of cheese

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  3. Just got the acryl stands I ordered, my collection look awesome now

  4. Finally able to build my dream AK. can't wait for all the parts to show up. should make the PTW whores shut their mouths.

  5. KWA Vector is here!!

  6. Me: please make sure you put my VCRA defense all over the parcel - WGC: sure, no problems, give money - UKBA: Sir, your parcel does not have the supporting evidence of VCRA compliance, therefore, it is detained.

    1. icolater


      I feel your pain !!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

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  7. I feel so solidly depressed today, I just want to be asleep. Hate when my mind slips down like this.

    1. icolater


      Work is the best thing for depression, helps keep your mind active. but dude dont be depressed get help.

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