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  1. Going to wait for Shooters design to produce a slide and outer barrel don,t trust detonator there expensive and dont have a great rep for fit and finish (a friend of mine had a v12 1911 kit and it sucked it marked really quick and was slugish compared to my hurrican kit which was less then half the price)
  2. You can buy the Stark G18 with Full Glock Trades at Tokyo Model Co they are sold under "Tai Wan Glock18 custom" but be quick as Im sure they wont be around for long.
  3. icolater


    Its a very good looking gun, I think it looks a bit like a hk p30 crossed with a glock, there is a full auto version coming later this year.
  4. icolater


    Looks like a dog chewed on it for a while
  5. I think the Stark g18 is better then the tm g18, I got the one with trades (tai wan g18 in tokyo model) and also have the glock 17 and have used the g18 and while I think the marui glocks are good pistols I much prefer the Stark g18 mainly because the lower reciever is better made and more realalistic (even better then the guarder frames), the slide is better qulaity then the guarder slides with perfect fitment and the internals are on a differant league that look better and dont wear as fast. The only thing about the stark is you wiil need to spend a few quid on new sights (cos they suck and
  6. Got the Stark last week (with trades) and have to say a great little pistol but with some negative points (always going to happin with a new company producing a new product) the frame and slide along with the internals are top notch but some of the fittings leave room for improvement such as the sights, recoil guid rod and the selector, which I think need replacement asap.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, first I have to say the marui glocks are good gbb,s very accurate and are made well, I have had a couple marui g17,s in the last few years, one with a guarder frame and slide instaled and the other I kept stock. I also have a ksc g19 with an airsoft surgeon slide on it and I think the build quality on the ksc is far superior, the lower reciever as well as looking better then the marui g17 feels alot more solid and the internals don,t wear as quickly as the marui g17 internals. The only advantage the marui g17 has over the ksc g19 is the hop up is a better design. The
  8. Got the stark g18c with real trades from tokyo model co (selling under "tai wan g18" because of legal/trade mark issues) and my buddy got the we g18 gen 4 which is simular build quality to the hk glocks (come from same factory) and I have to say both are very nice but the Stark is only $10 more and the quality is far better. For any one who wants to get a glock airsoft pistol and dont mind which varient they get go for the stark g18c or ksc g19 both are better then the marui glocks.
  9. Wonder how this compares to the Stark Glock which I heard on the grape vine is the best Airsoft Glock available after the KSC G19 which of course is a compact.
  10. Sorry maybe "cheaply built" is a bit harsh but I have a marui g17, px4, 2 1911 meus both with hurrican kits, 5-7 and xdm. I also have a ksc g19 with airsoft surgeon metal slide, maruzen p99 with shooters design metal slide, ksc usp compact with shooters design metal slide and a wa kimber tle pro rl. In my opion marui guns are a bit toyish, they work well but compared to ksc wa and maruzen p99 (the only maruzen I have held) they are a bit cheap looking, I think the xdm on the other hand with the matt slide and nicely textured frame looks well and defo the most real looking marui around, and I h
  11. P99 has a steel slide, I have the Marui xdm its the best pistol Marui have ever produced some of the latest Marui pistols are cheaply built but the XDM is rock solid.
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