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  1. What gun is that Nonex and what's the problem?
  2. Looks great!! WE make a version in black.
  3. He was a legend of a man, such a pity he is dead. One of the greatest minds to ever live! God rest his genius soul.
  4. Got to love Ikea!! The flat pack stuff is great value and isn't to shabby provided its assembled right. That the trick, take your time and assemble it perfectly or get someone with a bit of skill who can to do it for you.
  5. I used to hate the look of "modded" glocks, specially the SAI ones, they just look weird and homemade. But I'm digging that PAC one.
  6. It looks great without trades TBH, nice and clean looking.
  7. Nice Nonex!! I'm hoping run in workshop will do a traded version at some stage. Looks very decent though. Any chance of an internal picture of the rails, bbu etc please.
  8. Sorry to hear about that twitch. I lost one of my best friends last year, It was like a bit of me passed away with him.
  9. Kodi is available on Xbox these days!! Kodi with exodus add on is unbeatable for movies and tv shows.
  10. Yea they are a joke, I only use them from time to time, only place I could find kjw co2 1911 mags, they got the order right this time, Im sure the english red wolf is even worse but I find e hobby miles better.
  11. I love mafioso!!! I have five of his guns!! One kimber stainless, 2 kimber compacts, 1 kimber lapd (new) 1 kimber ultra. All with co2 cuts!! The new LAPD is great but his best gun was the ultra size!! So perfect!! Only differance between new and old lapd models is the controls, they have slightly better shape to them (more real). The hammer and sear needs to be changed in your LAPD IMO, the trigger pull is not great, I swapped all my mafioso hammer housing parts with a Nova hammer and sear and airsoft master piece disconctor, works much better. His second best gun IMO was the original stainl
  12. LOL, don't think that hole is meant to be their, must be a moulding issue with the g42, mine has no hole, just a little circle that's made visible with a seem line.
  13. The frame is a gen 4 guarder?? I haven't being paying attention to the airsoft glock world. Looks really nice !! Well done!!
  14. Also boomarms are starting to annoy me, Johnny used to be good but these days they send what ever they want, I ordered 3 nova BBU and got AIP instead (just as good but not the point). I also order recently 3 aip steel sears and got 1 km one instead?? Then after an email or two they sent me 2 more km sears. Not the worst but Boomarms were my favourite place to buy for years. I'll still give them another chance though as I like Johnny, he seems like a cool dude. Red wolf is a joke IMO, got a AS hammer that was missing the half cocked pin, sent an email to no avail. Got a woc of them when t
  15. Thought APS were good, never been interested because of the non replica approach and think they look fugly. But I heard they perform well?
  16. Hitman was around before bourne, the formula for the game hasn't changed much since it's first release in 2000. New COD WW2 is very very good, makes that WE Thomson release a must!!
  17. Hey why does your g42 have a hole on the trigger guard?
  18. It actually looks really good, I'm being more careful about my purchases these days, have so many guns just lying around gathering dust, some worth over a thousand euros, Iv probably spent around €50000 on airsoft guns over the last 10 years. But I just might have to get this maybe ...........ahhhhhh
  19. My photo bucket account is still active, just incase they improve *suitcase* quick. I'll give them another week, just don't want to loose all my photos.
  20. Sorry for the double post but just picked up a cheap enough knife that actually nice, it's a spyderco native 5 witn g10 handle and s35v steel blade. Fit and finish is so so but it seems sturdy.
  21. Strider made great knives TBH.
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