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  1. I'm building some apartments to let, show me some pictures of your work, I could be interested in making a purchase or two.
  2. Congrates! Sounds like a great Idea. Anything you can make money from while having a good time is blessing. Any pictures of your work so far.
  3. Ha ha that is very very very cool!!
  4. Going to be a slick build!! Are you getting the steel inner frame?
  5. I would try find out witch is a better fit, both look great.
  6. Nice review ! I have owned nearly every stark arm / vfc pistol available including : g19, g17 gen4, g17 sai, ppq, m&p and didn't find them that great at all, they look great but lack decent performance and inevitable fale or break, I'm done with vfc TBH! So I'm going to give this a miss because I don't have confidence in their products, poor design with poor materials usage.
  7. Nice thanks Wolfgeorge ! I'll try smoot out the barrel lugs.
  8. Was it easy to instal? I find they jam on my nova kits and I resort to steel barrels and chambers that rattle a bit. How do you fit them without jamming? File the bit that interacts with the hop housing on the right side? Or file the lugs in the slide?
  9. Is that a steel barrel in the nova kit or the supplied aluminum one?
  10. Ha ha nice!! These thing just need to be done!!
  11. I will give Imgur a go, thanks! Do you think if they changed the 50 post rule to use the classified section more people would use Arnies? those other sites are good for selling but the most Knowledgeable airsoft discussions happen on Arnies.
  12. I might give imgur a go as I find it painfully slow to use Photobucket these days. Maybe I just need to get a new laptop. It's still the best airsoft forum spot in the world (English speaking) IMO, but it defo has less users then ever, what other reasons are at play?
  13. I'm a two a day red bull head myself, the sugar is the worst part but surprisingly red bull contains less sugar then a can of coke. I get more of a buzz of a double espresso of good quality coffee TBH but it's the taste that has me hooked. On a side not how many users does Arnies website have these days? not nearly as many as three or four years ago. Seems very quiet these days. We need more people like squad 701 and wolf George to post some pictures of their slick collections of exotic and rare guns. Why can't you upload photos without the need of photobucket. Instagram and FB are killin
  14. Nice !!! Have one similar in the pipe line, got ghk receveirs with AAC MPW markings instead of the ra recevier.
  15. I love Marui but, pot metal + cheap abs + green gas/propane = problems.
  16. I'll post a picture of my play arts Kai collection some day.
  17. Kinda wish I kept my we 74u now. The recoil on green gas was amazing, I would say the kick of co2 is insane!!
  18. Hope things work out for you DarkLight, life can be a *badgeress* sometimes!!
  19. Hey Wolfgeorge it looks great! I love my mafioso Kimber stainless. Considering a Cerakote job to make it more real. My RA trp should come soon. I'll do a review, a better one then my last!! Hey blob face what did mafioso say when you messaged him? Did you file the little ramp part that interacts with the hop housing Danr?
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