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  1. Got sorted guys thanks a million, got a crt stock on the way. DeltaZero and CKinnerley thanks a million for your kind offers! Top dudes
  2. Or try changing the hop housing to a hi cap one without the nub for the recoil guide rod. That's sometimes an easy fix for jamming barrels.
  3. I need a moe stock so bad but can't get one shipped to Ireland, can someone get one for me in the uk and ship it to me in Ireland? I'll use PayPal and give a €20 thank you reward. Or if someone knows of a place that will ship to Ireland. Or even a second hand one if any one has one to spare.
  4. Whats the plastic like? The usual Marui cheap *suitcase* or is it any better ?
  5. For steel slides you NEED co2 IMO, it's the only way to get them to cycle to the last round.
  6. Fight!! Fight!! Right lads no kicks to the groin and no pulling hair or eye pokes. But seriously it happened with one of my Vectors once but only when it was brand new, the valve knocker was a bit stiff. Never happened with my ak74, even though the mags are a pain to install under stress situations.
  7. Cheers Hitman, yea it's a pitty but I need the cashola for differant projects etc.
  8. Ksc g19 with airsoft surgeon slide, steel guide rod. (for sale in the classified).
  9. Mafioso kimber stainless ii, full stainless steel kimber 1911 kit, would only really recomend this for people with ALOT of experance with building 1911s. I fitted mine with a Nova Stainless Hammer and Nova Grip Safety (not in picture) Cost about €900 with shipping and only 50 were made, mine was a special order with a CO2 Cut in the magwell for kjw mags. Great kit with amazing tolerances. It also sports the newer advance inner frame design like the newer nova kits.
  10. Need to check out that guarder Gas !!
  11. I have one in new condition for dirt cheap, pm for details!!
  12. Replace with OEM parts when they break, so you won't have to deal with the hassle.
  13. Very nice, I'm going to go for APS bbu and co2 mags in mine! Once volenta releases his bbu I'll get that !
  14. Kjw are good but lack the quality of the KWA ksc glocks, the design is better with KJW as are 3rd party options.
  15. ^ a guarder frame can be got for it, then maybe a cnc slide which could be hard to come by, if so engraving and cerakote the original is a viable option, Ksc kwa glocks are the most solid internally (not design but materials) stock and last ages. Evo 2 hop is a must as the Bering hop is horrible. The best thing about the kwa glocks is that they are have proper RS dimensions so getting holsters is easy.
  16. Ok peps get ready for the dummy of the month award (goes to me!). I ordered two GHK AAC (urx3) front end kits from AST because I wanted to build an AAC 300 without the hassle of the RA tech receiver as I heard they get problems with them shooting full auto on semi because of tolerance issues, sooo me being the dumb *albatross* that I am, I order 3 blank receivers from samoon to get engraved with AAC markings, but I forgot about the selector markings, as the blank receivers come with the standard AR 15 markings, no good for a AAC build as they have unique markings, so I got on to run in work s
  17. I completely agree with nonex on this, they are beautiful to look at, but you can never get them to work as well as a TM or WE (or ksc). Bad design along with poor quality casting/materials ruin stark and VFC guns IMO.
  18. Hey dudes, has anyone here got a receiver engraved before? If so who would you recommend, someone in the uk preferably.
  19. Don't know why that picture is upside down?
  20. Beautiful !! I am getting a ghk and I am undecided on either a ra tech aac 300 or build one from scratch, what are the ra tech forged receivers like? Can you use ghk charging handles or only modified we/real steel charging handles, I'm much confused. The reason I ask is because I have a pts raptor for ghk I want to use.
  21. Man that was a cool video, funny, interesting and informative.
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