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  1. I agree, 100% on the outside but......
  2. No, pre built by Red Wolf, it was ridiculously expensive originally but I was in HK last month and there was a sale in Bang Bang so I treated myself. Not worth the price in my opinion, for example, the recoil spring was still stock. https://www.bangbang.com.hk/collections/rwa-airsoft-surgeon/products/rwa-nighthawk-custom-agent-1
  3. @Dj_komodo where did you get the mounting plate from?
  4. Prommy - gears, shims, piston head, 300mm 6.03 inner barrel BTC FET Firefly hop bucking and num Nomad Arms TM triggers Dytac 12" outer barrel Airsoft Artisan SF three prong C&C 9.5" MLOK rail Madbull Umbrella Corp grip Magpul trigger guard Magpul CTR stock Excavated Magpul stock butt Magpul MLOK vertical grip Magpul PTS RSA Aimpoint Comp M5 Scalerworks mount Unity Tactical TAPS Surefire M300V PEQ15
  5. TM SCAR with rip off PMM parts
  6. I think either SKD or Op Tactical
  7. GHK Platform Built by @blobface Unfortunately, I overlubed
  8. Bang Bang said a "little more" than $300, at $350 I'll get one
  9. Correct, AEG version Never used the CG version, so can't comment Yes to plastic slide
  10. The old thread was locked.... Tokyo Marui, the base for a competition build.
  11. TM Glock 19 with Nova Wilson Combat "inspired" slide
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