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  1. I got mine today but I'm thinking that I have a lemon The outer balck barrel, on my one, it has a slight movement/give of 3-5mm, is this on all models? I certainly wasn't expecting it, but then again, I'm only used to TM models.
  2. yep, me a noob thinking it was blowing cold air into mask, clearly it was designed as an extraction system. Anyways, it's quite effective, played a 3 hour CQB session in these, room temp was about 23c so was quite hot. They do steam up but the fan does work to a certain extent, just don't expect miracles. I also wear perscription glasses under the TM Pro googles so they also steam up as well. These are actually quite a good fit if you wear glasses under them, there's plenty of room in the mask. I have just ordered the Oakley goggles with fan system, hopefully this will worth the mone
  3. Hi folks, I just recieved mine today and I am a bit confused about the function of the fan You see, I thought this was designed to be blowing lots of cold air down into the goggles but instead, there is more cold air being blown out (topside). This would indicate that it's more of an extractor rather than blower system? it does seem to indicate this on the box and the picture above in basho's review. Is it that I have recieved a bad copy (TM installed fan upside down) or I'm just not very clever and don't understand how usefull this concept is? Haven't actually tried these yet
  4. Hi Folks, Just thought I'll give a brief review of my experience with Intelligent Armour. I called up by phone (yes, I know, old school, but I like to speak to an actual person when ordering), the phone was answered withing 3 rings, so good sign. I spoke to a gentlemen, asked if my stuff was in stock (Oakley SI 6" Assault Boot Black, Oakley A Frame Assault Black, Oakley A Frame Assault Green Envy), they were all in stock. I made the official order at about 14.30 yesterday, got a phonecall 5 mins later to say that all was good and ready to be shipped. 10 mins later got an email from
  5. I brought this yesterday But the retailer is holding it until I get on the UKARA database , but they will bring it along to events for me until then. First impression of it was that It was a little on the light side but that might be to do with perception of the bulf of the pistol. Haven't tested yet, hopefully at next CQB event in April.
  6. /facepalm.... I (foolishly) went into the Oakley store in Convent Garden and brought a pair for £50 Cracking gloves though!
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