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  1. Danish SF Frogmancorps impression PACA Low Vis w/training plates EI RRV EI Spine MAP EI medical pouch EI double Denmark mag pouch EI MBITR pouch CAT Motorola Saber Nexus U/94 PTT Sordin MilSpec IV BHI 3L bladder To come: EI pop flare pouch w/KAC supressor*
  2. I know, lost it during a field upper change... I'm going to get one fast, looks like hell.
  3. DKSF (Frogmancorps) blaster impression PEQ2 Colt Canada SFW outer barrel CompM2 in L-mount KAC rail covers KAC VFG Colt Canada stock and buttpad Got a KAC supressor for it too To come: KAC RAS Colt Canada DIS (just bought one) Trijicon TA44 Colt Canada lower and upper Get a KAC flash hider so I can throw that gypsy thread adapter to hell
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