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  1. Actually the mag is 40 rd, and it's expensive because they're making it expensive. The tanaka mags are $70 because they can get $70. They figure you just spent $1500 on a gun, what's another $125 for a spare mag. Either this is the ONE gun that works, or it's a snow job.
  2. They make the G&P SVD look like a workhorse. I've not heard one good thing about the VFC M82 save for the feel and look. Search this forum for a bloke named syndrome. He had a long thread about constant replacement parts from VFC being sent. I think eventually they "lost" his address. He is one of about 8 people I've read about with a the same story or worse. I've yet to see one person defend it otherwise. It's a hard to buy anything VFC after this turkey, at least gas powered, since the AK turned out pretty good. Keep gas rifles to the people who know what they're doing.
  3. The only P-38 I had was Megatron.
  4. You can save some time with the the bb loader, we all know it's ######.
  5. Actually. the only accessory available for it is the bipod adapter. Everything else is general purpose stuff. The adapter isn't required if you plan on mounting to the sling swivel. Just make sure your scope rings can be moved to mount to the rail, since it's not very long.
  6. As to the different brands of kit, my guess is it's all the same, just different branding. Probably a knock-off like those cheap resin kits.
  7. They have a sample there. It's nice and the deal is pretty good with the mags.
  8. Necro post. Just for your information, that site is not a safe place to buy from, and you will either get robbed or have the wrong thing shipped. Most likely the former.
  9. Just got mine. I thought the box would be bigger.
  10. The butt stock is in sections, so you can add/remove enough for your needs. The cheek rest can be raised/lowered as well.
  11. Great idea about testing the G18c AEP along the MP7 for comparative results. I'll be interested in the results. Now I'm waiting for the inevitable hi-cap 100 rd mags. Did anyone give a ballpark release date for them? As for the rumour of a Ver. 7 gearbox in the MP7, that's ridiculous.
  12. http://headshots2004.tripod.com/mp7suit.jpeg http://headshots2004.tripod.com/Mp7acc.jpeg http://headshots2004.tripod.com/mp7sealwater1.jpeg
  13. Thanks, The tie was actually handed to me by the guy who did the upgrade work. It was a little hot for the game so it never saw the field chrono. I only used it in Semi so I felt it was no big deal. I don't condone that for full-auto guns BTW. It's the first version gearbox too, for all you naysayers.
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