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  1. I have tried bluing on some parts of my steel 1911 Barrel Chamber bluing done wrong but i think this uneven colors are not look so bad. Trigger And extractor. I purchased industrial oven for the whole kit bluing. I'll upload its picture when it is done.
  2. KSC HK33 with VFC MP5 fixed stock and Hensoldt fero Z24 scope & Stanag mount. stock and scope needs bit of modification to fit. It is re wired to put 9.9v Li-Fe battery in stock. I think i have to add illumination kit and bipod soon.
  3. Thanks for advises. I'll send you Slono PM for help.
  4. Oh. That's first time to have snapped floating valve. Merlin uses KSC/KWA type floating valve. Better to use metal one by KWA. I can send you spare one for free .
  5. I also have low routers. I can send them for free if your gun cannot use current router.
  6. I recommend you to take out BBU and lub its side rails and front cap. All Merlin BBU is shipped after lubrication and working test but as you mentions 'friction' of nozzle, it can be problem of lubrication. And i'm working on new router with much softer PU material. After i check it into my NOVA 1911 and ship you via air mail. If it doesn't work, i'll make new mold for CNC kit users and will notify you as it finished. New router will be shipped for free to all Merlin BBU users who needs it. Thanks Kim.
  7. I think it can be problem of break-in. Merlin's nozzle and its rail meets under 0.2mm tolerance. So please try heating your magazine with a hair dryer and shoot about 100 rounds for break in. If you shaved its router too much, performance can be decrease A LOT. Merlin has fluid acceleration piston in it and this need very tight seal between mag and BBU to work properly. This piston converts gas pressure into high speed gas stream toward cylinder. If your router seems not tight enough, please try other router.
  8. Working prototype of Mjolnir(Glock BBU) will be show next month. It is delayed because Chinese new year.
  9. Yes you can purchase more routers by contacting kim@volanteairsoft.com
  10. Thanks for great feedback. But i can't make new mold for Merlin's router because i'm now making 7 product at same time. Mjolnir, Auroura, Winchester gas unit, and some others. I recommend you to purchase many spare router when it is in promotion.(Promotion will be end on Feb.22-Moon's new year) Also if you're considering about to buy another Merlin, now is chance. There is new spring addition of Merlin, which has more beautiful package, 5 routers standard, and high fps aluminium cylinder bulb.
  11. Thanks for feedback icolater. As Merlin's main target is steel 1911/Hi-capa users, i made router a bit higher(0.3mm) than original. It would be better to make bit lower router for Prime/NOVA users. But it will take at least 1 month because i have to make new mold.
  12. The router was made to cover Inokatsu's large tolerance. it can be tight in well made kit such as prime. And about quantity of router, i gave extra 5 routers to customers that their order is delayed over month. 2 pcs of router is normal package. If you having problem with Merlin, please send me a email or PM. Regard Kim.
  13. My new hobby: Cycling. I'm now spending countless hours on Ebay looking for Ti road frame for bargain price

    1. renegadecow


      Say goodbye to your savings.

  14. Will join the ROK Air force on 27th May.

    1. renegadecow


      Is that for mandatory service or a career change?

    2. volante


      Mandatory service for 2 years :(

    3. PureSilver


      Eh, it's not so bad. The Air Force is by far the best of the best - my ultra-brief time with the IDF consisted mostly of cleaning and getting shouted at.

  15. KTW winchester carbine + CAW wood kit + gas unit.
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