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  1. I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick but I think you're talking about one of these things? http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ics-l85l86-m1913-tactical-rail For some reason ICS include one with their L86 but you have to buy it separately for the L85. Does the job though.
  2. Yeah it falls in quite a nice position then: Think I grabbed it from RSOV, the quick mount cogs were kind of misshapen though and required a bit of filing to get on properly. Optics are great quality though and the crosshair is nice and crisp. First sight Im worried about getting shot. Yeah just popped the ICS rail on. Dont care about it being Gucci, its Magpul cause it works.
  3. Yeah it is, I have an L85 sling but just didnt get on with it. I run a single point to carry it on out of games.
  4. Yeah they annoy me too. I need to rewire it anyway to get my batteries in the rail so will be replacing it will all black or at least covering it up.
  5. Thats weird, mine is. Love the 1-4x spectre, considering getting more for other rifles.
  6. Finally got the second hand VFC I bought sorted out - was more of a ball ache than I had anticipated. Sweet gun to use now though.
  7. Im digging the T1 actually. May have to try mine with a T1 instead of Eotech.
  8. 4 Orders placed with them in the past year. Only complaint is one item arrived damaged - they are replacing it without any fuss. Definitely recommend.
  9. I just dont get high RoF setups . . .

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    2. MrM60


      It's fine with miniguns, MG-42s, or machine guns, which need them.

    3. Dreamer777


      I heard that TM High Cycle has excelnt trigger response, so maybe thats a reason,a high cycle setup is good if your trying to make a "proper" LSW, but on small guns and ARM's and God forbid an battle rifle, its dumb.

    4. paranoiddroid


      how about things like the mac11 which are high rof guns in the real steel? I want one with a realistic rate.

  10. Cheers guys, its a real beast to play with
  11. Cheers, its a G&G. They make the best M14's
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