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  1. I just dont get high RoF setups . . .

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    2. MrM60


      It's fine with miniguns, MG-42s, or machine guns, which need them.

    3. Dreamer777


      I heard that TM High Cycle has excelnt trigger response, so maybe thats a reason,a high cycle setup is good if your trying to make a "proper" LSW, but on small guns and ARM's and God forbid an battle rifle, its dumb.

    4. paranoiddroid


      how about things like the mac11 which are high rof guns in the real steel? I want one with a realistic rate.

  2. Pics + a great day courtesy of Nutz @ SWAT Urban near Chester.
  3. Bought an EBR. 465fps after 1000rds . . . may need a new spring lol.

    1. BIGBC


      Now down to 370 on a new spring without the hop set. How it falls just below 350 :s

  4. Caught the CQB bug.

  5. soldered my finger . . . again.

    1. ianhaz


      just did exactly the same thing, didnt even work when I'd finally finished it either. I hate soldering

  6. Havent yet skirmished the last 3 guns I've bought, yet Im contemplating a TM M14 and VFC SCAR . . . think I may have a problem.

    1. faramon


      Welcome to the club, though I am not that far gone, I normally skirmish it once then find something new to take my interest.

    2. BIGBC


      I was good - one AEG for a year and quite content. Then I started working overtime and Im running out of storage lol.

  7. This is good news, would want it in FG with the RIS kit. Will be keeping my cash set aside
  8. Good to see it up here too. Were you pleased with how it handled/performed on Sunday?
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