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  1. screwdriver

    Snow Wolf Kar98

    Looking at the bolt photo it appears to be similar to the boys version modified to not require shell's,
  2. screwdriver

    Swedish K

    Great news let's hope they do the mat49 as well, wonder if these are aeg or aep. My smokeys k uses a v3 gearbox with a 3 inch extended brass nozzle and ak hop up so it's possible. Looking a some of show guns work I should imagine it will be expensive .
  3. screwdriver

    Swedish K

    Here's hoping ,I contacted them after seeing there Facebook page but as yet have not got a reply, would be nice to get another to go with my smokies Swedish k from the 1990,s ,still works fine but would save wreaking it. They also showed a mat49 which I'm very interested in.
  4. screwdriver

    SMG Picture Thread

    The main body was a complete kit from smokeys gun works in Japan, sold in the early 90,s. At the time you then had to buy a complete marui ak47 to strip for the barrel,hop unit and gearbox, the hit came with a 3 inch brass extension nozzle and uses only the magazines from the marui mpl.
  5. screwdriver

    SMG Picture Thread

    Yes sold in 1991 , research says it's one of a very limited number (I've read only 12) made
  6. screwdriver

    SMG Picture Thread

    Smokeys, garage gun works swedish k ,gun kit uses doner v3 gearbox ,ak hop and marui mpl springer mags
  7. screwdriver


    . cheers for that
  8. screwdriver


    can someone please tell me if any of the body parts are interchangable with the a&k version as im interested in putting the fixed stock on mine , the design of the attatchment point looks the same as mine but i have no comparison to dimensions ( i have the a&k)

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