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  1. Wonder if anyone can help me with a internal sector gear problem. So i decided to clean out my gearbox and replaced the eletronics with etiny stuff. When i go semi, i see more than three teeths. If i go burst, i see three then when i shoot again, its more than three teeths. Goes all whiny if i shoot. Not sure if its the motor or the positioning of the sector gear.
  2. Yeah, definitely leaving it alone. I got a chance to shoot it with bb's and something strange. If i empty my mag, the bolt catch activates but when i take out the mag and insert a fresh loaded mag, i dont need to press the bolt catch. Is that normal? Maybe i'm too use to GBBRs.
  3. Finally got a new cylinder. Everything works great but man these motors are pretty hit and miss... one of the screw holes broke cleanly so now i have 3 screws instead of 4 in my grip and the white post thing got bent but the motor still works...
  4. How about the FCC cylinders? I was going to grab those alpha parts since they don't make a hole in my wallet.
  5. It worked for me for a few things back in the past. I had a upper receiver from king arms which they pretty much super glued the dawn thing. freezing worked. I'll give it try... If I have to guess I'll grab a new cylinder set. I'm suppose to turn counter clockwise to loosen right?
  6. well i need to switch springs regardless anyways for indoors...can't seem to get the spring guide out ;; gonna freeze it and try again tomorrow...
  7. nope, gold cylinder. trying to take apart the cylinder, the spring guide is really hard to unscrew but i managed to screw off the cylinder head.
  8. well i pretty much figured it out. the white connector on the mosfet was broken... once i fixed that, it was screeching like crazy when i fired the first shot.. cylinder went pretty much kaput. oh man what a great way to come back to airsoft :\
  9. 11.1 20c 1200mh lipo battery. I have to use an adapter from large to small (I'm thinking it might be the adapter) and yeah i was holding down the bolt catch to shoot.
  10. Had to use those star keys, think my allen keys are all worned out On another note, finally got a battery but the rifle doesn't shoot I don't think it's the battery because it's brand new... I wonder is it the electrics?
  11. got my rifle today and i am pretty impressed. really solid. i hope the electronics and the motor won't fail on me. On another note, i was trying to get the flash hider off, what size is the grub screw even?
  12. Yeah, they are. Maybe I'll get one of each and test it. Sucks there's no reviews.
  13. welp hope the rail i bought fits. have anyone tried those fcc x rampo or earth defense inc magazines?
  14. Thanks. Guess I'll order the electronics first and magazines there. Is the threads on the A&K upper, ptw threads or normal marui threads?
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