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  1. Grim

    SA80 Picture Thread

    An infantry friend liberated one of those railed handguard for me the other weekend. they arent bad bits of kit. still waiting on him getting me a proper gripod, i'm using my airsoft gripod at the moment on it. unfortunately the handguard wouldn't fit on my STAR SA80 Grim
  2. Well at least you can get press on caps off and get to your beer, thats the important thing. I got moaned at a few years ago by a then gf for having 2 bottle openers on my keys and not a picture of us. Meedless to say thats why she is now an ex haha. But now i just have my old rectangular bottle opener that i got from the recruitment office. Good old reliable. But may your beers and openings of said beers be plenty CK. Grim
  3. Now the UK just needs twist cap bootles that arent just on bottle of miller. Grim
  4. That rather exceptionally smart gentleman would be Sam AKA Jaws. And tbh i have no idea why hes doing it, as hes normally one of the main guys who pushes weapon safety amongst the team. I would say hes doing it to ruin the photo as he normally tends to do but non of us were ready at the time so im at a loss to explain lol. Grim
  5. Just a picture of some of the WolfPack from sundays Memorial game. Seeing it was a memorial game with loosedned the team camo and had a what ever gear u want day. intead of all being in MARPAT. and the shot that went wrong when we wernt ready ha ha. Grim
  6. I personally just cut the top off and NBC boot. Though i noticed webtex cashed in on producing rubber helmet bands but ive not seen any one use them as of yet most of the lads in my battery either sniper tape the rim or do as i have with the NBC boot piece. Im sure thats more like multicam in a 95 cut more than a replica of MTP. but good grief indeed. Grim
  7. Now that i like ha ha Grim
  8. The newest editions to my kit Grim
  9. Looks Great im really liking the holster. not seen it with that set up before just the holster alone. Grim
  10. Thought the scenery looked familiar. Damn spikey bushes lol!! Grim
  11. As far as im aware its still restricted. Grim
  12. Running round the house is all well an good but a test in the field is where you either find its a hinderance or a help. Theres a good chance that dumper could swing under your knee as you rush to get down into a firing position. and without knee pads that could be painful. Grim
  13. We have a guy in our stores and if you leave any none issued pouches on your webbing (like a single ammo pouch or minimi pouch for example) he takes them off and keeps them for him self then will attempt to sell them back to you. Grim
  14. look at that brand new bergen and webbing. looks like you QM likes keeping it clean and shelved lol. Grim
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