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  1. eddyboydude


    Red Force TIER 1 MSL Events. You wil not be the only one dressed like that. Great effort!
  2. Ed, its josh. This looks sexual!

    Can I come play? give me a bell

    07854 277264

  3. Nice one Nazio, hopefully see you at the next Combat Mission then....
  4. IF those members are indeed worried about Stirling's reputation then perhaps they should step back and realise that by engaging in this immature 'well if its not our fault so it MUST be yours' behavior they are damaging the reputation of the company far more than a few comments and opinions on an airsoft forum if I'm honest. Again... all I have tried to point out are the many positives associated with a great deal of hard work that goes into these events and that they are a platform for the people that attend to get the experience THEY work for.... 'Hardcore Military Simulation
  5. it seems the "them" and "us" has crept into this thread unfortunately... The "them, glass half empty moaners who are allowed to publicly slag our events off... And the "Us, glass half full guys who love playing airsoft, but are not allowed to defend our events in public... I concede to the negative majority... You are right, we are rubish, sorry. I think I won't be able to leave the house now. I knew there was a reason I stayed away from forums..... baws.
  6. Jon L. I'm not saying that at all, I'm saying you get out of the Combat Mission what you put into it, wether a first timer, regular or staff member....
  7. mate were you even at this event?
  8. Angel... The regulars and staff are equipped properly because we love playing this kind of game and have spent our hard earned cash on the right kit so we can play throughout the 25 hour period. We don't want to get our heads down, we love playing in the middle of the night. What do you suggest we give those without NV ours? Mate after my first game, all I wanted to do was become a regular or even better a member of the Stirling team. At no point during my first combat mission did I think I was treated differently a them and us, in fact my team was given most of the top taskings, incl
  9. What's that? Nazio... A game of airsoft in a huge boundary free valley on the edge of the Brecon Beacons? ... groups roleplaying as Afghan tribesmen and Taliban warriors. Those groups making alliances and then breaking them, switching sides like real afghans do to suit there own needs. ... An organic scenario that runs a straight 25 hours with no dedicated safe zones... ... a large group of US Rangers to fight from Friday night onwards. ... People with Night vision and Thermal Imaging devices, even an authentic UAV Drone ... Yeah that sounds terrible mate, shame on Sti
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