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  1. Exactly how i got hold of my meindls...stole my dads issued ones as soon as he got back from Afghanistan
  2. I paid 50 for my Vest, which came with Neck protector, Arm protectors, 2 mag pouches, a grenade pouch and a med pouch, i then paid an extra tenner for two more pouches. So if someone is offering 200 for a Osprey covered in stuff they are ripping people off...
  3. lol afraid so, i needed something new and thought hey just photoshop myself hopefully it dont look too bad! On another note I have to say I only just started using ebay to buy my desert kit and I love it! you get some awesome deals on there!
  4. haha yeh i noticed it after putting it up aswell, the girlfriend was rushing me when i was kitting up so must have just forgot to make sure it was sticking out
  5. Osprey has... 3x Double Magazine pouches 1x Grenade Pouch 1x Medical pouch(can't see in picture as behind my other arm) 1x Camelbak Hydration thingy Its all pretty simple because i'm a left handed shooter and reloading and bullpup left handed is awkward so i try to keep as much stuff out of the way as possible. I also have a drop leg dump pouch on my belt which i have never seen used by the soldiers but I like it
  6. My brit kit even comes with an army issue dog!
  7. Catterick is like Cope hill down only more unpredictable and grittier...its brilliant
  8. Myself at catterick in what we called the "Relaxing Room"
  9. Pretty sure that CA mags fit VFC but if not i know for a fact G&P do.
  10. Cheers mate, also planning on converting some RS bakelite mags and i also want to get RS pistol grip but i have heard they are too small?
  11. RMW AKMS Cyma Internals Chrono'd at 341fps Will get RS wood in near future.
  12. internally your dboys stock performance is probably better than stock TM, i find TM Ak's very flimsy but if well looked after i imagine they will last.
  13. i wouldn't say you need to be qualified on the topic more just have an opinion on it
  14. so we have come to the understanding Dboys 3rd, RMW 2nd and VFC 1st?
  15. we know latest russian weapons have rails, but until every russian soldier has one we refuse to turn to the dark side!!
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